"Idiocracy" as written by and Daniel Gildenloew....
Cold skin
Black mind
Blue light
Shut down
All white

Cold fact
Core mine
Black gold
All sold

We're waiting, so close your eyes
Relax and take a deep breath now
Believe the lies
When you wake up you'll be democratized

Cold pin
Blood crust
Damp sheets
Stale smiles
Sick bed

Gone wrong
Blue lights
Bring me home

We're waiting, so close your eyes
Relax and take a deep breath now
Believe the lies
When you wake up we'll all seem nice
So close your eyes
Just take another deep breath now
And fantasize
Pretend the world we're forming
Is a paradise

Why can't I close my eyes
Why can't I just be hypnotized
Industrialized and privatized
All mesmerized

'Cause I can see
And what I see around me makes me paralyzed
Yes I can see
And what I see is not worthy a democracy
It's uncivilized
So please close my eyes
I don't want to see this undemocratic, semi-automatic mediocracy and hypocrisy
Pretending we're free under plastic flags waving dependency for this idiocracy

Close my eyes...

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"Idiocracy" as written by Daniel Gildenloew


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    General CommentThis song touches on a person's disillusionment with modern society and also remarks on the iraq war. Ideas such as blind acceptance of authority, lies, and ideals are addressed. The songs 'singer' is not blind to the injustice and bullshit of society though, so they are very saddened and frusterated. They fantasize about living in blind ignorance for the emotional and moral burden that it lifts.

    The singer is not blind though, and the last verse of the song recounts this. Modern democracies and countries are flawed and need to improve. "I don't want to see this undemocratic, semi-automatic mediocracy and hypocracy". That's how Pain of Salvation feels about the current world and all of the democracies and governments.
    NapalmNewton October 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentDaniel Gildenlöw is the Noam Chomsky of prog metal. Such a badass song. The verses are fairly straightforward, but I wonder what the words he says during the first half of the song mean. It might just be filler, but that doesn't seem like something Pain of Salvation would do.
    windowpane8902on September 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWell... To me they're quite simple to understand, so maybe this'll help you, Windowpane8902.

    Silence, Cold skin, Black mind, Blue light, Broken, Shut down, Knuckles, All white =
    Flash-bang grenade, or a fragmentation grenade... Either way, the soldier is hurt, white knuckles, and cold skin would indicate losing blood flow in one of his arms. Blue lights bring to mind an ambulance, or hospital lighting, that is a blueish hue.

    Babel, Cold fact, Core mine, Black gold, Failure, Lock down, Gun-hands, All sold.
    Babel = middle east - location; cold fact = realization; black gold = oil... Duuh; failure and lockdown = him being kept in hospital, where he has time to think; gun-hands and all sold = the infamous blood for oil idea of anti-war people in the U.S.

    We're waiting, so close your eyes
    Relax and take a deep breath now
    Believe the lies
    When you wake up you'll be democratized

    This doesn't even need explanation. It's his interpretation of what the leaders are telling him. Happily he didn't lose his arm.

    Violence, Cold pin, Blood crust, Blinded, Damp sheets, Needles, Stale smiles, Sick bed

    Oops... This time he lost something that they can't heal so fast... His eye. And it was with his own grenade, as we can see from the feeling of the "cold pin" in his hand when he regains consciousness. The doctors smile at him with the false compassion that only army doctors have.

    Guiltknife, Scarsoil. Sinstain, Killchrome, Footbare, Gone wrong, Blue lights, Bring me home

    Guiltknife=The now ex-soldier tries to slit his wrists. Scarsoil and sinstain both would sugest he tries it on the arm he almost lost earlier, but I'm not entirely sure, it may be just that he's still in the middle east, where so many bad things happened to him. Killchrome=knife he used. Footbare=he slips on his own blood.Gone wrong=Someone notices him due to the thud he makes falling down. Blue Lights= Again, an indication that he's in hospital, so they bring him back and (bring me home=) send him back home.

    Disclaimer: this is just my opinion. I may be wrong.
    Longandweirdnameon July 17, 2010   Link

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