"Bobby" as written by and Reba/schlitz Mcentire....
Bobby pleaded guilty to the charges that they read
As they led him from the courtroom, a young voice turned his head
A little boy, dressed in blue, was standing at the rail
He said "I hope they kill you, I hope you go to hell"
They put Bobby in a jail with forty other men
They all knew what he had done, they were glad to take him in
They'd all seen the headlines about Bobby and his wife
How they loved each other, and how he took her life
Day after day, he sat alone
Night after night, they'd hear him sing his song (he'd sing)

Baby, I'll take care of you, I'll never let you down
No harm will ever come to you as long as I'm around
I am not afraid of what people say or do
The only thing I fear is being here...without you

The little boy dressed up in blue grew up to be a man
When he fell in love himself, he came to understand
How it was that Bobby took the life they both adored
Cause Bobby couldn't stand to see her suffer anymore
He took out the papers from the trunk beneath his bed
And all the years just disappeared as through his tears he read
The stories of the accident that robbed his mama's mind
And the man who held her in his arms and chose to cut the line
And the one about the man who sits alone
Year after year, singing his song (he'd sing)


The young man drove his car up, and parked outside the gate
They led him to a cold gray room, the guard told him to wait
When the guard brought Bobby in, the young man finally knew
He still missed his mama, but he'd missed his daddy too
And when the guard left the two of them alone
He took Bobby in his arms, and the young man sang the song

Daddy, I'll take care of you, I'll never let you down
No harm will ever come to you as long as I'm around
You have taught me not to fear what people say or do
The only thing I fear is being here...without you

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"Bobby" as written by Reba Mcentire Don Schlitz

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    General CommentCan't believe no one posted on this song...
    the first song I remember listening to by Reba, and while growing up I understood somewhat of it but never really understood it all till I was in my teens.
    Basically...Bobby's the boy in blue, watching his father in the courtroom...he blamed his father for choosing to "pull the plug" on his mother so she wouldn't be in pain anymore and so did everyone else in the community. His father was put in jail, I'm assuming by taking his wife off of the machine without the doc knowing (?) As time passed on, bobby realized that his father made the right move and instead of alienating his father, he decides to visit him and make ammends.
    Ahh this song hits a soft spot for me...can relate to it in more ways than one =/
    missTHANG04on April 03, 2008   Link
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    General Commentactually, Bobby is the father. the little boy's name is never mentioned in the song.

    such a sad song, but beautiful all at the same time.
    if_ifellon June 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWow, nothing until 2008. I am not a country fan at all, but I have some of the main staples of country music.

    This song STILL gives me goose bumps when I hear it.

    Yep, that is it. The boy could not understand what his father had done until he fell in love with a woman himself, once he grew up. When he realized, he knew that he had to forgive Bobby (his father) for what he had done.
    Pilotguyon April 13, 2011   Link

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