You're invited to the party
Down by the rocket crash
No one knows what happened there
Cause the thing went down so fast
And they've gathered up the pieces
Still burning with blue radiance
Some say it's just a missile
Others say it must be aliens

And the only eye-witness
Is a Russian widow and she says
"It's clear that he has come again
Sell your SUVs for Jesus"
But the merchants were the first to come
With popcorn stands and freakshows
Selling everything from religious relics to plastic UFOs
And the news teams come with cameras cameras cameras thick as flies
A Pulitzer Prize to the first of you who talks to the alien Christ

And the days they came and went
With no sign of the mystical
So they all went back to the daily drone
Of the practical and predictable
And Farmer Johnson built his rambler house upon that rocket hole
As if to prove man's domain
Over everything unknown

And he fell in love with the neighbor girl
And had a baby shortly after
That kid never made a single sound
Except the sound of laughter
And the words first came at 8 years old
When she spoke about the crash
And she said and she said and she said
"Someone as God came
And ran its fingers through my hair"

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    Song MeaningI think that the 8 year old girl is meant to be the reincarnation of whatever extra terrestrial being crashed and died in that spot.
    "...when she spoke about the crash" implies that she had preexisting memories of it. Her parents met and conceived her in the exact spot where her ship crashed and her alien body died. When recalling the last moments of that life, she says (and listening to the song before reading the lyrics, I thought it was 'someone's god came' not 'someone as god came') someone's god came and ran it's fingers through my hair. The reason that 'someone's god' makes more sense to me is because as an alien, she may have had a different god than the one we have. As she's dying here on earth, our God comforts her in her final moments.
    Looking back at the beginning of the song, it shows how confused the public is about things we don't understand and how even people's beliefs can be compromised by an eagerness to discover the second coming of Christ. I think Cloud Cult is trying to remind their listeners that there are false answers, wrong choices to be made. They're saying don't frivolously sell yourself to things that are shallow.
    The media frenzy surrounding the crash was exciting and promising at first, but within a few short years the hype died down completely and everyone went back to the "practical and predictable". The answers won't be found behind flashing lights and arrows that say 'truth here!' that's why I really like the subtly of the message through the little girl, of the comforting yet compelling image of God running His fingers through her hair as she slipped into death.

    Anjipanon November 12, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningA strange song about otherworlds and religion, popular topics for Cloud Cult. A very sweet story about people digging for meaning and not seeing another gift. Everyone wants him to be a savior but all he does is fall in love. Interesting. There's a mention of the child eight years old, though I don't know if that has any significance outside of the Kaiden story.
    And the line "as if to prove man's domain over everything unknown" is incredible!
    IglooMcCoyon July 30, 2009   Link
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    MemoryAlways thought it was "a bullet surprise for the first of you who talks to the alien Christ". Like, everyone's sensationalizing this thing that's happened, but anyone who actually takes it seriously or claims to have talked to the alien is ostracized (or killed).
    cellopantson April 28, 2014   Link

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