"Freedom Fighters (English)" as written by and Miyavi,....
We're Freedom Fighters
With the Statue of Un-liberty
Take the rudder, boy
And ram us (not into a building) into this age

Freedom of Speech? Freedom of Thought?
Without even sparing a thought on the freedoms we do have
It's "please please please"

Freedom of Blame! Freedom of Abuse!
Spending money we don't have, every last penny
That's what you call freedom right?
Isn't that also freedom?
So, will you also sell that freedom?
Then, what in the world is freedom anyway?

We're Freedom Fighters
When you close your eyes, blue sky
When you reach out, there is freedom
On days it gets cloudy and starts to rain
Let's take a trip up the rainbow
It's sunny above the clouds

Get it back, Get freedom
Break it down, Break Kingdom

Isn't freedom to blame for that?
Isn't that what we need freedom for?
So, will we then buy freedom back again?
In the end, where exactly is freedom?
'you say 'freedom' this and 'freedom' that
But what's that sitting right next to you?

Through rainy days and stormy days, Mr Sun is smiling
Shining, glimmering, haha

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    General Commentlove this song. I love his irony and sarcasm.
    I think he's definately on point with what we all call "freedom".

    love Miyavi.
    deadxlettersxcon August 30, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti love the sarcasm in the song, but this song makes a HUGE point. "Freedom of Blame! Freedom of Abuse!
    spending money we don't have, every last penny"

    sounds like a certain president no?
    NyappyNana707on November 12, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis describes "freedom' perfectly! we dont really have "freedom". "freedom" doesnt exist in this world. we'll never have it and it'll never exist.
    {Schrei}on December 10, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti think myv dont get enough comments on this site ^^;; well..like most others who commented, i love this song...says a lot about "freedom" doesn't it XD

    as for the meaning, i think it is clear to most - it's a sarcastic attack on what many people like to call "freedom"...

    imo the two main ideas miyavi seems to address is...well firstly, many people complain about their lack of freedom - but in reality there's a lot of things they are "free" to do...
    "You say 'freedom' this and 'freedom' that
    but what's that sitting right next to you?"

    the second one is that many people fight for "freedom" and "rights" but in the end, the people "high up"(like, corrupt governors for example) will abuse the "freedom."
    "Freedom of Blame! Freedom of Abuse!
    spending money we don't have, every last penny"

    well...in the end, everybody has a different stance on freedom and rights, so i believe everybody will interpret this song a little differently, but the main idea is usually the same - that "freedom" isn't the best thing on earth..that the concept of rights and freedom gets misused...that "freedom" is usually taken for granted.

    everything is just in my opinion >.< don't flame me if it's "wrong" or something *meep*
    starz300on February 07, 2009   Link

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