Some folks say that life is cruel
At the orphanage they fed us inedible gruel
We slept on beds with springs that hurt
The faucets had hot and cold running dirt
The windows were broken; the roof was leaky
The walls were cracked; the floors were creaky
They shut down the orphanage and now we know
(sigh) Those were the days, we miss it so
And ever since then,
I've been feeling low...

Another sub-zero morning
And still there's nothing to eat
My feet couldn't get much colder
Our breath is our main source of heat
We're so far below the poverty line
We're off the graph
But don't fret, sibs
'Cause things'll get better in time
Then you're gonna laugh

Poverty and hunger abound here
Yeah, it looks like a city dump
There's only one job to be found here
The town needs a new speed bump
Acme Falls was a paradise
Happiest place on earth
But the tax collector's avarice
Took us for all we're worth

My coffers are overflowing
All of our shelves are bare
My profit margin is growing
We're broke; it seems so unfair
Life's so lousy; we can no longer cope

Ya gotta cheer up, and never ever give up hope!

All of the shops are closin'
Things couldn't get much worse
Even my nuts are frozen
Be careful with that last verse
Hey, step up und try our elixir
It's good for what hurts
Whatever ails you, it can fix 'er
And it's great on desserts!

Drat, the temperature's falling
I love when the weather is cool
A new ice age is calling
Look; I can freeze my drool
I have hopes and dreams of ruling the earth
But here I sit
Watching Pinky make ice sculptures
Out of spit! Narf!

This old tree is finished
Our acorn supply's gone too
So for dinner we're having creamed spinach
All I can say is spew!
As a town, we're so down, so we mope

Ya gotta cheer up, and never give up hope

We can't cope

Ya gotta cheer up and never give up hope

Are you a dope?


Just cheer up and never ever give up hope hope hope hope hope! Yeah!

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