Widened eyes why the look of startled surprise
following what's become of a sad sense of hope and your moaning of faith
sickened words of sadder days a glorious fate
trust not what we've come to make of the truth
waking to the walls closing in around you
bright and bold are the fires we've set after you

the grasp has been released from the god aweful hand
as an aching will rise in the bones when will I need you

Dig down in the sand tell us son what you've found in your hand
you hold the ghost of your lost and broken soul
tell us of its faith we will need to know for the plans to be made
what's come of your love?
will you know now what you've done until you see her?

Me and my love
we can't see straight

as we walk through a wood to a clearing of light
where the moonlight lets in all the creatures that stir there in the night
I have followed you if only to show you what we reap we will not sew
fading grey
as the trouble will come and go
fading grey
I have followed you if only to show you that an aching rises in bones

love of mine i have to tell you were out of time
the hell that has wrought us will soon reprise
and leave our souls knowing life is pain until death closes our eyes

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Guilding The Lily song meanings
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    General Comment...picky: it's gild without a u, awful with an e, etc., but as for the meaning of the song...

    i think it's more about understanding the life around you, and love is used as the ultimate metaphor of search, inquiry, insecurity, etc., and i am secretly hoping that nobody posts with "i think she broke up with him and he's sad" because it doesn't even mean that at face value. honestly, without much concentration placed on each symbol or word, i think the song can be about general life experiences and struggles. and, gild means to cover with gold, and lilies are beautiful flowers....so if we were to analyse it, the reference would be making something beautiful/tender into something economically worthy, solid, etc. i also saw a refernce to 'gilding lilies' but i've forgotten where.

    the oo's remind me of muse's "apocalypse please."
    kristicationon January 25, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwithout an e* haha.
    kristicationon January 25, 2007   Link
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    General Comment....i'm talking to myself on a message board but i wanted to post the irony in my critiquing spelling and making errors myself.
    kristicationon January 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGuilding the lily is a term used to show how someone "covers a lily in gold" which really means he is overlooking the actual beauty of the flower and ultimately ruins it.
    givemeaplacetostandon February 20, 2007   Link

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