[Talk about what are the specific House rules]
[Right behind, you know...]
[Ha, I almost didn't want to get up!]

Yeah, you know that I must be, have to be, surely ??? obviously loungin'
Bluntly, vaguely, promptly on the money, G, double up your algae
Your Faberge is stinky
Winky winky, blinky blinky, I gots to be funky
As I make it to the left and I hold it on my own path with a microphone is your mother home
None of this fandangled bom bom bom bom on the chrome
Yo so tolerate it cause your well being is dependent on it
So you know it
Just chill, take a chill pill not that I'm better than pullin' down the pants of a veteran
Yeah, that's obvious, I was quite runny but that's not funny, well
A Playboy bunny will be money and I'll bury that honey in a shallow grave in a cave that's not very brave
Bad boy must behave
Yo, still eating a goddamn beehive
Sometimes will I be grouse low and plus meditating and giving thanks and...
Yo, a Randall Rambo house then, yo with a gat in the back
And I'll be just walking the plank in shark territory
MC History, won't be missed by me, I'm buried in a cemetery...

Well, all I got to say is lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa luck
That's not a rhyme for the average everyday mud duck woodchuck could chop wood
So he lingered in a kids alley, yo
Just holding me back
And the front doors open and I'm sitting in the ??? I'll be carrying a spare banana clip and
You don't stop with a wild Apache-style bareback kamikaze bobsled and with a spliff and martini
Never skinning up my teeth or showing up my dome with a bronco loco rodeo amigo, yo
This frame of mind reaches cantankerous cannabis roughneck business, say, you know I'm true to this
But hooba chumps get lumps and karma
I never killed a seal for a meal that's the real deal son
So you know what time it is it is is and you know what time it is
Yo, time to groovy smoothly pass a doobie like it used to be
Some times just chillin', kinda squintin'...
Front tooth, bucktooth, yes you know I got a wisdom tooth ??? to the roof

[[It's in your mind...it isn't real...]

Braggadocious, living and giving a strong arm like I like it to the furrowed brow
How now white cow, can I get a soy milk bean product? Can I get a soy milk bean product? Yo.
For more trouble than I'm worth to the hell-metal toe jam freestyle jabberwocky, don't get cocky
Don't get sticky
In other words, verbs are the action, no smooth sailing
Faces gone abstract, percolate and drip tight money grip mike sip a beer and by the way
Where's your dignity? Throw your jacket over the puddle so the lady can get over it, G.
Then she goes under, yo, I don' t be playing on the bass I be playing on the fiddle
From the top to the bottom I'll be dwelling in the middle section, righteous selection
Just an example, freestyle spontaneous incomprehendible
If I had a bone spur rolling like Raymond Burr at the herb's speed indeed I got green weed
You know it, beginning at time I roll the spliff on a dime to the lemon to the lemon to the lemon to the lime
As I drop the sickness, as I throw up, go up, don't roll up show up
Make for the cavity has to be must be always on the rhythm G

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