i saw death; his eyes were red and mouth was dry. and if suicide's gonna _ dead right then, give it a try. and my money is lower and lower, but if i can get one more lie, then i could catch what is wrong and what is right. now she wants you to wake up on the right side of the floor. and you're passing out in corners while your friends drink that liquor hard. and don't you understand? if the sun sets without you, well, then the world's gonna spin without you, too. so i called up my friends up the freeway and said, "how much for change?" and he cut me a line. well, you know, just to try the taste. and now i'm vomiting and my belly's gettin' bloated because love won't keep us away. no, love won't keep this away. no, love won't keep this away. and [no, i, your insides look so little packed tonight??] people are waiting outside. they're waiting. _ and there's love, beat of a disco drum and the drinks are cheaper, yeah, if you buy them from the bottle. and you look beautiful, so let's dance to at least one song. and your skirt's off-white and your eye's as blue as the sky. so don't you go away; i wanna be alone. i wanna wave like the ocean flow. like the ocean flow. like the ocean flow. so if we drown, at least we won't drown alone this time. i made marks to our house so we can travel the town. you say, "cut me a line. come on, let's make our lives blind." 'cause nothing's gonna change no more. well, nothing's gonna change no more. well nothing, nothing, nothing.

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