"Cargo Culte" as written by Serge Gainsbourg, Serge Gainsbourg and Serge Gainsbourg....
Je sais moi des sorciers qui invoquent les jets
Dans la jungle de Nouvelle-Guinée
Ils scrutent le zénith convoitant les guinées
Que leur rapporterait le pillage du fret

Sur la mer de corail au passage de cet
Appareil ces créatures non dénuées
De raison ces papous attendent des nuées
L'avarie du Viscount et celle du Comet

Et comme leur totem n’a jamais pu abattre
À leurs pieds ni Boeing ni même D.C. Quatre
Ils rêvent de hijacks et d’accidents d’oiseaux

Ces naufrageurs naïfs armés de sarbacanes
Qui sacrifient ainsi au culte du cargo
En soufflant vers l’azur et les aéroplanes

Où es-tu Melody et ton corps disloqué
Hante-t-il l'archipel que peuplent les sirènes
Ou bien accrochés au cargo dont la sirène
D’alarme s'est tue, es-tu restée

Au hasard des courants as-tu déjà touché

Ces lumineux coraux des côtes guinéennes
Où s'agitent en vain ces sorciers indigènes
Qui espèrent encore des avions brisés

N'ayant plus rien à perdre ni Dieu en qui croire
Afin qu'ils me rendent mes amours dérisoires
Moi, comme eux, j’ai prié les cargos de la nuit

Et je garde cette espérance d'un désastre
Aérien qui me ramènerait Melody
Mineure détournée de l'attraction des astres

Tu t'appelles comment?
Melody comment?
Melody Nelson

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"Cargo Culte" as written by Serge Gainsbourg

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    My Interpretation know of the the magicians who call to jets
    In the jungle of New Guinea
    They scrutinize the zenith coveting the guineas
    That the pillage of freight would bring them

    On the sea of coral in the wake of this
    Machine those creatures not deprived
    Of reason those Papuans wait for vapour
    The wreck of the Vice-count and that of the Comet

    And as their totem hasn't ever been able to bring down
    To their feet neither a Boeing nor even a D.C. four
    They dream of hijacks and of bird accidents

    Those naive shipwreckers armed with blowguns
    Who sacrifice to the cargo cult
    By blowing toward the azur and the airplanes.

    Where are you Melody and your wrecked body
    Is it haunting the archipeligo where the sirens live
    Or well attatched to the cargo plane whose siren
    Of alarm has become silent, did you stay

    Adrift on the currents have you already touched
    Those bright corals of the Guinean costs
    Where those indiginous magicians act in vain
    Who still hope for smashed planes

    Having nothing more to lose nor a God in whom to believe,
    So that they give me meaningless loves
    I, like them, I prayed to the night cargo planes

    And I hold onto that hope of an air
    Disaster that would bring Melody back to me
    A minor turned away from the gravity of the stars.

    English Translation praise to A. Chabot
    upthegeeon April 29, 2009   Link
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    General CommentA pure marvel. A shinning flake in a gold nugget album.
    The album is "L'Histoire de Melody Nelson" by Serge Gainsbourg. An albulm considered by many (and not only french) as one of the finest french album ever.
    You cannot listen to this song apart of its album.
    It's the final song, the grief song. Melody just died in a plane crash - a night cargo plane - somewhere along the shore of Guinea. The song starts from there (the crash itself is at the end of the previous song). It's an egnimatic song about guineans indigens worshiping their totems and the Boiengs and DC4s (D.C quatre) flying over their heads and throwing
    meltorgon December 04, 2007   Link
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    General Commentand throwing darts from their blowpipes (srabacanes) expecting to them to wreck and take over the contents and spirit of them.
    In his grief he prays (Moi, comme eux, j'ai prié les cargos de la nuit) this "cargo culte" in hope it could give him back Melody.
    The lyrics didn't really make sense to me until I read this page of our good old Wikipedia:
    He's so sad that he's ready to believe in a religion that claims that a wrecked plane content can be returned to life (Et je garde cette espérance d'un désastre
    Aérien qui me ramènerait Melody)
    meltorgon December 04, 2007   Link

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