the story's always better than the truth
so tell me what you wanna see
and i'll give it back to you

i'm not the mystery that you hope to find
but i'm here now and i'm willing
to play the part anyway
but i'm here now and this face tells more
than i could ever say

this isolation, my addiction
this fear of myself, my only grouse
you think you know just where i'm coming from

but you're lost now in the spotlight
as it shines upon my head
but you're lost now in the fantasy
of everything i could have been

shoot the lights out, and you'll see
shoot the lights out, it's just me
shoot the lights out, shoot the lights out

misery divides me from the rest
and the people i don't care about
- think they know the best
don't try to stop me now
'cause i'm gonna go

but if you tell me that you want me to be
- around, i think i'll stay
but if you bind me, i can promise
i will run with the light of day

shoot the lights out, and i'd stay
shoot the lights out, i might leave anyway
and then you'd never know, then you'd never know

- if it's me or my ghost
if it's me or what you want me to be
you won't know, you won't know
'cause i'd let me go

and i'm telling you i don't want me to be
the worst of what i am
and i'm telling you that i'm trying to be
a golden man

shoot the lights out, and you'll see
shoot the lights out, it's just me
shoot the lights out, shoot the lights out

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    General Commentthis song is just beautiful.
    kelleyyyon January 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is the story of two people...a man who seems to be losing interest in his woman after he placed lofty expectations on her, and the woman who is tired of being held to such a high standard. He's "lost in the spotlight" and can't appreciate what he has, so she is telling him to "shoot the lights out" so he can see what he already has is a good thing.
    MostNutsEveron October 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI see this as being sung from a man's point of view. I get this from the last verse were he says that he's "trying to be a golden man." He's trying to live up to what everyone wants him to be, expects him to be. He's lived his life trying to make himself into whatever other's wanted, but if they would just look close they would see who he really is. He's decided that if they accept him for who he is that he'll stay but if they "bind him" he's going to leave because he doesn't want to live like that anymore.
    wageboon March 20, 2008   Link

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