Brutal acts of sapiens leave Jehovah in disgust
creative acts of clever monkeys leaves the devil envious
Add up all of Hades' blessings Total all of heavens' curse
Let you know we've done it better Horrifically we did it worse

I am the 6th son of the 6th son of the 6th son I am the borged again son of war
Technology's child, daughter of rebellion, son of a bitch blossom of a whore
I am a god-killing virus, destruction with 8 arms, monster with seven severed heads
I am the son of mars, cleansed with infected blood, vile disease walking on 2 legs

The devil made me do it

Wreak Havoc (Right now right now RIOT NOW/ Unleash hell)

dirty human gone insane Outshadows any part of Hell
Hope and horror mixed in blood a seething mass out of control
Our shining future in revolt while senile gods are in retreat
Left right wrong right Makes the heavens obsolete

I am beyond god I am human I am the razor blade on the communion tray
I am a freak in control not a control freak, I am the sheep that got away,
I am burning but never consumed, determined with nothing to lose
I am who I am who I am who I am who am I?

pretty girl pretty boy pretty insane pretty fucked up

Made real put into action, surgically atoned to perfection
Made flesh, son of bland, fuck your plans for redemption

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    Song MeaningI haven't looked at any of the comments posted just so they don't somehow influence my own interpretation. Basically I think the song is about humanities use of religion as an excuse to rid oneself of his or her own fault. While it was Gods decision to give man free will, it is also "Heavens curse" because man is free to commit sin, the "brutal acts" that leave God disgusted. Free will is what allows sin to exist and is therefore the Devils blessing.

    Irrelevantf1ckeron October 01, 2010   Link
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    General CommentNow that I looked closer into the lyrics(and Zoog pretty much told me ;) It's about people being better than god. "Brutal acts of sapiens leaves jahovah in disgust creative acts of clever monkeys leaves the devil envious" is blatantly telling us that our evil goes beyond what "god" originally wanted, and beyond what "the devil" could even dream of.
    "I am a god-killing virus" means that Angelspit has decided to realise that whatever "higher power" is out there isn't much of a higher power at all. "I am beyond god, I am human" Comes right out and tells you exactly what this song means. To sum it up, If god exists, we are beyond him. God intended us to be naked and stupid, and that's why Adam and Eve couldn't bite into the apple. But they did, and now we are an intelligent, civilized species. Humans are active forces of good and evil, while god and the devil sit in their thrones watching us. They don't do shit. Humans make the difference on this planet, and humans are the higher power.
    sei-kun2061on October 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song seems to contradict itself a lot. It goes on about humans being above heaven and below hell, but "the devil made" us do it.

    So let's fit it into the interview: People suck ass and are violent and evil and whatnot. People have essentially unlimited power over each other and ourselves and this causes pain in others. We can only equate this evil to religious symbols, which humans have used to commit and explain these crimes forever.

    However, still, when we do these things or feel these ways, we feel as helpless as ever. Some goth kid at high school (which this song really seems to scream toward) is violent and hateful towards others, and if he could he would do terrible things. Maybe he does do these things, and shoots up his high school. The horribleness of what he did is barely fathomable and so we feel as if its beyond Hell (or he does...) but at the same time he claims that he was helpless, that he couldn't help feeling that way, or that society (the Devil?) made him that way.

    So humans do terrible things and almost take pride in it, but at the same time excuse themselves.

    DAMtastychickenon September 24, 2009   Link
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    General CommentTo be honest, I have no idea what this song is about! But I'm still going to try and get it, am listenign to it now, I really like the beat.
    I will listen to it a little more then I'll try and figure it out.
    Tushon April 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI'm a big fan of this song.

    My idea of what it means would be most concisely explained by a certain "Calvin & Hobbes." >_>

    Personally, I'd say it's about the general bad-ness of humanity, and how religion sometimes tries to make excuses for it by blaming it on
    Spellahon April 30, 2007   Link
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    General Commentas weird as this may sound this song is about how people blame others for there own falt... i find that refrence only in the devil made me do it... but if you look on angelspits site ( you find an interview that clearly states this =)
    oddheadon May 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about how humans are way beyond any god or devil we could make up, both in evil and in good.

    "I am beyond god I am human I am the razor blade on the communion tray
    I am a freak in control not a control freak, I am the sheep that got away,
    I am burning but never consumed, determined with nothing to lose
    I am who I am who I am who I am who am I?"

    It's almost like the line in Patti Smith's version of Gloria "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine" -- they're talking about OWNING your sins which is really brave
    razorgrrlon May 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI agree with razorgrrl. It is about owning up to your sins instead of pretending that some evil entity forced you to commit them. People are capable of right and wrong, and it isn't because of something otherworldly that leads them.
    sei-kun2061on May 28, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwhat does wreak havoc mean?
    inthelake2475on July 01, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWreak: (verb)
    1. to inflict or execute
    2. to carry out the promptings of

    Havoc: (noun)
    1. great destruction or devastation; ruinous damage.
    2. Disorder or chaos

    It seems to be about needing to take resposibility for your actions, and accept the consequences of your sins; To be prepared to face judgment, and not blame others when you are found guilty.

    It also seems to use religion as a scapegoat, or to take the blame for terrible crimes that you've commited.
    Mononucleosison July 09, 2007   Link

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