With the dawn brings vision of the crawling field.
Riddled with vain attempts. All in a corpse, so familiar
But not my own.
This is the difference, between you and I.
We are the captive fighters.
But cuffs must hold stronger. Stronger than skin.
Oh, but until the drops number the floor I'll pull.
Cause I saw the gates,
And they're guarded by a greedy shield
And the most carnal of edge.
This is the difference. You've left on your own, so forlorn.
What have you done?! You've traded the chains,
And bought yourself a new crown.
Now there are no bars! Now there are no bars!
(Be ready) when lips reveal the knives a victim,
from light, becomes feed for the parched.
Bishop, you're as far from the cloth as the dogs.
And we share that familiar thirst.
Bishop, mouths wet with the thought of meat,
To tear and taste, but will it quench? It never does.
Oh our crest is the same, but it's a lie when you wear it.
It's a lie, but were still seen the same.
For the chain and the drops lure
And you, the captive fighter, with victory off your tongue.
Don't you see? Thats what you did.
When the weak looked up to you!
You fraud! Wear your crown of greed...
Light the pyre!
A fraud has been found!
Let it be known, this war will not be won
Without fire, without loss, or without a fight.

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His Name was Bishop song meanings
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    General CommentIt seems to be someone in a position of power - a bishop - who has lost his way. Additionally, the point of view seems to be from someone of equal stature, but not corrupt. I think the narrator seems to be saying that while he pulls ahead, using the chains that the other bishop traded for a crown, the other bishop used that crown and position of power to lord over the weak, becoming strong through his deception. And at the end, the other bishop is found guilty and burned. Cheerful song :)
    KillerL1amaon June 16, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI agree, though when I first heard the song, I assumed it was from the point of view of your average joe - someone who is a follower, and feels betrayed by Bishop. But the idea that he's of equal rank seems to make more sense.
    The end of this song is just incredible. It gets me so pumped, and I find myself wanting to scream it at whoever's standing closest to me.
    Ampulex_Compressaon June 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAt the end of every oh sleeper song I always get chills because there so good! And I also get an urge to yell and jump around =)
    Cajjesusfreakon August 15, 2009   Link

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