Twangy sounds from walkmans shoot high-- Drum beats, distortions rule lives.
Broken string veins to halfstack hearts and heart beats the rhythm.
Words strung to chordsput meaning to noise. The music in me/is the music in you.
Table top drum beats, my house, late night-- can't even kill the ringing in my ear.
I have become comfortably numb. Don't throw me a rope, I'm happy where I am.
It's a four track to our lives 1)beauty 2)passion 3)friends 4)rock.
It's the things that make things worthwhile
Coffee mug symphonies/24 hour memories.
When the whole world is a distraction--output melody.
Will this be a radio hit?
If the story of our lives was a song, would it be some phony symphony of catch phrases and hooks, or whether it is nobler to capitalize on the more operatic tendencies of life?
Our words become notes and our thoughts become chords, snaps, claps and each event, each change of scene indicated by the blink of an eye-- its own hymn in time with the sporadic rhythm of the blood that pumps through our bodies when we can only dance.

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    General CommentThis song basically sums up exactly how I feel about what we are doing. Playing music. Two years ago, I picked up a bass and taught myself some bass line
    from a tablature book. My brother saw my faint interest and tried to teach me more. Too lazy to attempt to learn anything (something that still applies today) I refused to listen and gave up. Two months later, I got a guitar for Christmas. I didn't want it. I may have even hated it. I didn't even appreciate it until I moved in with Duncan. Much like the little kid watching from the alley in Michael Jackson's video, "Smooth Criminal", Duncan and Jay taught me everything I know about music. How appropriate that I am playing with them now. Every time I pick up my guitar (well, Jay's guitar) I instantly feel energy--whether or not we are at practice or sitting around the house, practicing on acoustic. Let's be honest, I know for a fact that I couldn't go a day without music, and I know the same applies for everyone else in the band. And I would hope that it applies to everyone else. Everyone who appreciates music as more than something that you listen to on the way to work. A powerful energy that we have created from words, music, and ideas, that we can pass to anybody. It's a form of communication, just like me talking to you. It's an extension of our lives, and what matters the most to us. And right now, what matters to us the most is doing what we are doing. ROCK!


    My short contribution to this song follows some of Branch's ideas. To me, my music is an expression of everything that surrounds me. The way someone moves their body or the way cars drive on the street has its own rhythm.
    Sounds that you hear everyday: someone's voice, birds, insects, traffic, footsteps--each is its own form of music. We simply act as a translator to channel these things--which cannot be commercialized or made into any form other than what it is--sound.

    The Drifton March 05, 2007   Link

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