Hey, you're in trouble, friend.
Borrowing time 'til you get hurt again.
How many times you gave blood --
that many times you gave up
trying to stretch your check-book
'til month's end.

It's my mind to walk this line,
banking on the fact that I'll be fine.
But I got a friend who's systems fail
and if she can't even afford that cocktail,
the treble down there's creeping up behind

'Cause when the C.D.C. spreads fear, who'll ease the trouble down there?
And when the N.I.H. runs scared, who'll ease the trouble down there?
And when the A.M.A. don't care,who'll ease the trouble down there?

Oh you're in trouble
Trouble! Trouble!

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    General CommentWhat? No comments???!!! Blasphemy!

    This song is about health.

    This song is about the lack of health care system in America. I feel Ted's pain and anguish in the words and sounds expressed. He's screaming out for you, America. "You're in trouble! Trouble! Trouble!"

    You borrow time 'til you are hurt. You borrow without medical insurance to INSURE that if something happens to you, your fellow citizens and government care enough for you to provide for you. Or you borrow lifetime working away for insurance IN CASE something ever happens.

    Ted is a very healthy, loving, spiritual vegan. He has no health insurance. He walks a line, banking on the fact that he'll be fine.

    Others DO NOT fare so well.

    Ted knows.

    Ted cares.

    I care.

    Do you?

    Who does?

    Does the money-machine: Coca-Cola? Cancer Institutes? McDonald's? Meat factories? Kaiser PERMANENTe? Permanent. Permanent. Permanent pain, suffering, and confusion over dis-ease and a human being's right to BE. How to be? How to be healthy.

    C.D.C. abbreviates Centers for Disease Control. They spread vicious fear-striking rumours, by way of their friends at the press.

    The N.I.H. (National Institutes of Health) won't stand aggressively against the corporate machine either. They're just running scared.

    The A.M.A. (American Medical ASSociation) could give a f*** less about you, your seven prescription pills on average per day, being American, or the suffering you and yours will have. They will continue to be PAID for keeping you a sick CUSTOMER...because--after all--doctors need jobs, right?
    prilla1206on March 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentDon't blame the doctors. They get shit upon just as much as patients do by the insurance companies. For you to stay sick benefits the insurance and drug companies more, especially the drug companies. Yes, doctors do make a nice amount of money, BUT they spend anywhere from 11-15 years in school building up debts and getting paid shitty wages before they start to make that large chunk of money. And then, the insurance companies don't pay them the amount they're supposed to for services rendered and the drug companies jack up their prices on vaccines and supplies so that it costs physicians a ton to give out these treatments (to which the insurance companies may not even fully cover the cost of buying the treatment). Don't blame the doctors. Please. They already get enough flack.
    Surrealdorkon May 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI wish he would have played this song the last time I saw him live. It was at the hight of the healthcare debate and a song like this would have been more than timely.
    BelialCaron September 21, 2010   Link

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