I called you sinner's
I was wrong

Inaccurate intention
Should have said you're sorry
Might have reduced the conflict
But tough, admit it's said

God's creation
To put your blame on
God's creation
To turn away from

Appreciate those hands you're given
Before you really need to beg for them
Try to understand my incantation
Out of breath, your fingers shiver

Apocalyptically divided
Mentally disturbed they call me
Respect instead of affection
Disclaim that I am one of you

Can I fall down from the stars
Can I rise up from hell

Absurd - Your protest avoids the consequences
How can you cheat yourself ?
Ridiculous - to see you smile
Knowing you'd prefer to cry !

Lyrics submitted by celeste_blacke

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    General CommentThis is one of my favorite songs by this artist.

    "I called you sinners
    I was wrong"
    The song starts by provoking the horrible emotion you get when you insult or blame others for things they didn't do.

    "Inaccurate intention
    Should have said you're sorry
    Might have reduced the conflict"
    When trying to figure out what another person is trying to say, I often tend to only consider what they mean literally, or else I get lost in a web of analogies and references and misinterpret what they're trying to mean. Sometimes people misinterpret what I say because they apply some idiom to my words that I'm not familiar with.

    "God's creation
    To put your blame on
    God's creation
    To turn away from"
    The chorus means different things depending on how I feel. When I am angry, the music provide a fun rush of emotion. When I'm upset and just want to find someone else to blame, the lyrics in the chorus lets me have an excuse to blame a creator and makes me feel like a burden has been removed, lifting my spirit. When I'm happy I don't feel like I need a creator, so I want to turn away from him.

    "Respect instead of affection
    Disclaim that I am one of you"
    Most of the time I just don't want to be a part of any group of people because I usually can't stand being around most people.

    "Can I fall down from the stars?
    Can I rise up from hell?"
    These lines provide imagery of falling downward though the night sky and "falling" upward from fires/deepness, at the same time, which is really weird and cool. As for meaning, I see the "stars" as abstractions, fantasies, associations, make believe, etc, because, like stars, these things can be beautiful, interesting, timeless, stationary, compared to the real world, but often are of little use in doing work or solving everyday problems. The speaker wants to "fall down from the stars," meaning he wants to find his way back to reality or wake up from the daydream. And to me "hell" in this case means the burden of everyday life - work, cleaning, etc. It also gives me a mental image of fire which is like the changing, undefinable, randomness of everyday life - impossible to work with, calculate, or understand. Unlike stars, fire is temporary - gone before you know it. The speaker wants to "rise up from hell" meaning he wants to rise above hell-ish boring menial labor of only learning the technical or specific things of the world that will become obsolete and do more important things with his life, and learn concepts and values that will be true for all of time.
    lowerlogicon November 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI like your interpretation.
    Night Sanctuaryon July 21, 2009   Link

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