I got a head full of drunk and a dick full of horny
So high my behaviour's appalling
It's somewhere between three and four in the morning
and my feet and my legs are unsteady on the floor
I'ma start drawing conclusions on walls with my dinner if
I don't stop drinking now
I gotta sinking feeling I'm sinking down
In a packed club and the music's too loud
I move round just to talk more shit
with the fellas at the bar and we all laugh loud
All scared that we'll never find the love of our life
But prepared to accept some love for tonight
I got friends in relationships who don't play for kicks
who don't deal with this
and I wish sometimes I was just like them
But til then well I'm single again

I see you standing there
Tryna play it cool
Tryna make a fool of all the boys who run around you
I'm not gonna play your games
I'm gonna do my thing
I'm gonna do nothing
Cause I won't get played like that

You got a body that could stop traffic
I think you know it by the way that you carry it
By the way I've been checking your tactics
Something about you reminds me of plastic
Lipstick packed on looking the part
Perfume on the neck and it's hitting the mark
More weaponry than you'd ever find in Iraq
A smile fixed on like a kubuki mask
There at the bar and your holding your glass
and all the men crowd around like a school of sharks
But your trapped in glass like your on display
They're the prey in this state of play
So yeah, I admit it I was checking you out
Staring at you girl trying to figure you out
But I've got my doubts let me spell them out
It's to you that I'm singing to now


You remind me of the pretty girls in high school
brain like a brick but a body like a rifle
Such an eyeful of beautiful curves
but not so hot at trying to string together words
Such a pretty girl, it's such a pity girl
You're the centre of attention in your own little world
Your body's hot but your heart stays frozen
You've had boyfriends but never got to know them
The curse of the beautiful girl who knows it
And every guy in this room is a possible opponent
Yeah, I'm not going to laugh at your jokes
when they ain't that funny I ain't like other blokes
When you giggle and laugh well it's all to apparent
Your as fake as the chimes in a ballad
I won't dumb down myself just to get in your pants
I'm not Mr. smiley or Mr. wild stylee
girl be my guest do whatever you please
make a mess to provide your needs
I already know the script in your movie scenes
and I ain't playing that cause it just ain't me

chorus x 2

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