Mothers talk to you like nothing is better
Than you going out on a Tuesday
Well I'm not sure what to do
But man I swear man I'm slay from far away
An' why is it that always on the weekend, no-one ever around to shout
Oh people working too hard, or drinking too hard
As a matter of fact I'm never quite sure.
And they blaze it down to pull themselves up
Pull yourself right to the hook
Shook men crooks never go nowhere with me cos I'm all on my own no pity
Spit like guilty men in the sermon grooving around of this place like you never did learn them
I shake myself down
And rattle myself out
And put myself on the line to dry
And why is it New Years Eve is always shit?
Dontcha know what i mean man, deal with it
it's always just the way we're rolling
Your girl's that fucked off on Smirnoff Ice
I think once, twice or thrice
Never makes no difference to me
A skinny little white runt with head lice
Never been better than money never beenheartedly starting this city
I've always been around this town
Since the first day I was born
An' i've been losing frequencies and losing sound and losing everything and I squander it all and
I've been up I've been around
I've been in the dancehall since the first day in town
An' I've still been beating, cheating, falling to the floor when kids are kicking

I've been a-bleeding, I've been a-losing
Well are you man born for the choosing
And if you aint better
You better listen to the test as I start man impress ya
And if you aint losing
Then you aint grooving
I'll still be down here on a low-key send your girl over and she'll blatantly chat to me
I've been over, I've been over
You've been down, you've been down
Now I've benn al man movin'
All around the town all around and around
I've been grooving
I've been losin'
I've been all round choosin'
And now I'm back for the challenge
Who wants the challenge well I want it more

Now I'm on my train
Life in the fast lane, never gave me no gain
And then the man says "wakey wakey it's mornin' time on the northern line"
I'm alright bowling straight up to camden
All the way from your Faringdon
I wanna make sure i'm a little tired I now realise that inciting the riot can be
One stone's throw
An' too much dough
That's why all the young men sniff up too much blow
And now I'm thinkin' "aw I'll never"
I sever it up before I think about forever and I
chat it back to the people I used to know
Kick it back cos I'm rolling it solo
A whynot what's to the beef
A no-one really knows me so no-one is a chief
I chat it back like you've never been a thief
I'm a thriller
Licence to ill double-seven I'm a killer
Killer killer
Upper killer Never know me, ha.
It's all that chat back to much of that never rack
kick it back like a bitch slap right to my face in the mirror
Kick it back thinner
Maybe my shirt don't fit no more
A hardcore man think he can fight up the law
Shackled to the tenants
Now he never work no more on a flow dedication to wario
And now it's me back to the further
Now it comes back looser than ever
Some kids they think an' get better
Think they're trend setters but they're never pacemakers

What am I?
What am I?
What am i in my own dear eyes?
A-what am I?
What am I?
What am I in my own dear eyes?
What am I?
What am I?
What am I in my own dear eyes?
I've said so much what am I what am i what am I makes no sense no mo-o-o-ore, mo-o-ore ah-oh mo-o-o-ore ooooh what am I oh-ow-oh well i don't awwwww...etc...
Wheee an a dumdumday.

Uh uh uh uh
'S like a march in here
From the left to the right
They stomp their feet
x 4

Some kids they're chilling on corners
Out of order I think them all better
tie their laces, rat races, hit the pages
Write yer own books & write yer own spell checkers
I'm on a better man chillin' in my own room
Assume to accumelate to shake to sedate
Drink it down much quicker
A glug glug glug on my liquor and I feel much better
Talk to me about violence
Never know me I sit further in silence
An' when I drink it down I drink it up
It feels my body and I feel fresher
I tick up the tester regulator
I'm a true man, shootin', lootin' now I'm presuming
That everyone be knowing the dedication, my name to J-T an' I
Roll it down roll it down
Who wants to hoit themselves up?
Who's got the uppers?
Get them in then I'm done
Click your fingers
An' can you smell that it lingers?
She's a fat bitch but I'd still give
I'm a cheeky son
Where you from man?
We're from the old London

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Alicia Quays song meanings
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    General Commenti think on the album is alicia quays

    i love this song i do i do, havn't listened to enough to come up with an interpretation yet
    alex_and_raon January 29, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis seems to me that it's just a tribute to him know "what am i?" and "i've been around this town since...." and when he says "my name jt" kind of a wierd song, but still good.........wat does it hav to do with alicia keys?
    IamAgrapefruiton April 22, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe title of this sing is alicia quays. not alicia keys
    i_love_mon June 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentNo, it is Alicia Keys.It was changed when the album came out. Presumably because Alicia Keys didn't want her name used, though I'm not sure.
    airfix-fighteron July 29, 2007   Link
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    General Commentsounds awesome when he's like "dedication to wario"
    juvenileson October 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about accepting 'conformity'

    He says stuff like Kids are trendsetters, but not pacemakers. (pacemakers meaning they're not as great or valuable in society as they think they are)

    I think its sarcasm when he talks abotu being a killer and all the badass shit, because he then talks about "outgrowing the shirt" (the front he put on)

    It talks a bit about the rat race, marching liek soldiers, etc.

    Of course theres a bit about drinkin it all away, because its Jamie T, lol

    i LOVE this song, it talks about all the fads and the emos and the rockers and the rebels and the ghetto kids are all frontin and idiots, not pacemakers
    nnnudibranchon November 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI've always loved this song but recently I've been listening to it over and over.
    it's absolutely amazing.
    I agree with nnnudibranch, I agree it's about conformity but I think it's more about realizing how much one has grown into their own person.

    I think it's amazing and it's probably my favorite by him.
    excitedgiraffeon May 22, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song is about him growing up. becoming sick of all the trends and fads of daily life. the insigniffigance of our times, how he's become out of the scene.
    michaeljton August 09, 2010   Link
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    General CommentA lot of what the people said about conformity and uniformity are right, but as far as the title goes, this song has nothing to do with Alicia Keys, or her not wanting him to use his name. The British have a way of speaking in a slang/coded sort of manner, a sort of game (something of the like), so when Jamie says Alicia Quays, he's talking about himself, in his song, as part of the music scene, as his own little thing; to use his words: "I'll still be down here ON A LOW-KEY send your girl over and she'll blatantly chat to me."

    And if you listen to the way he sings it, it sounds a lot more like "Alicia Keys."

    Then, if I was playing along, I might say something like, "Sounds like barney rubble then," which would be taken as bloody trouble. I'm no expert on British dialect and colloquialisms, but it's something like that.
    ApoeticVampireon December 20, 2010   Link

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