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Oh, to be so rested that we can withstand these long years.
We sweat in the wilderness,
carving and sqeezing the fat from the land.
From the birth of the sun god at mornging,
we struggle beneath him, breaking our hands.
Yeah, there is no rest for us,
There'll be no peace for us,
Not one second's rest for us.
We have been here so long.

Though our numbers may be small, there's more of us.
Rot you will and fertilize our dirt for us.
This is our home.
Yeah, we're on our way home,
on our way home,
yeah, on our way home.

While you are warm and safe
Just think of us shivering, beautifully brave.
Fear all that patience we've saved.
Know that we're coming back...
Black Sheep who've formed a pack.
Do you hear our footfalls creeping back up to your walls?
Creeping back home!

Though our armies may be less, there's more of us.
Yeah, rot you will and fertilize our dirt for us.
This, too, is our home.
Yeah, we're on our way home.
We're coming home

Tired of being cold,
And we don't care if your doors are closed.

Well, once upon a time, we were drinking from the golden flask.
Well, once upon a time, when the sun would shine, we could bask.
But now that's all gone.
Why do we live in exile?
We come out at night.
We love the night.
We know it's all downhill from here.
We know we're right, we know we're right!
We know it's all downhill from, all downhill...

Ahhh, ahhh,
Ahhh, ahhh....

Knock, knock...
We're back!

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    General Comment"People have a tendency when they're outcast to become really angry and bitter, and that's justified. And what that song addresses, in a lot of ways, is when you start becoming angry and bitter--it's because you feel like that. I think the danger in that sense of being the black sheep is that you feel like you're the only one. Especially when you're really young, I think that's really common where you just feel like an alien and you don't really belong anywhere on Earth, or something.

    And when you least expect it, there ends up being a whole clan of people, and where it came from is that feeling. The individual members of the band definitely feel like that...all alone. And as a band in the music business, we totally feel like that. "Floater" is what we're about as people. We can't get on MTV or the radio or anything. And that's not necessarily for lack of, I don't know, people thinking that we're any good or anything like that, but primarily because we're just sort of exiles in the land of popular culture. And I think a lot of people feel like that, but what you start to discover is...

    Say you're a musician and you can't seem to feel like anyone is ever paying any attention. One day you look out and there's a crowd of people, and they all totally identify with you. And all those people identify with you because they all feel the same way, and there's a kind of cult... I mean, people like to call it Gen-X or the underground, or indie or punk rock or whatever, but it's essentially the cult of the minority. It's the outcasts. There's a tendency to feel like you're the only one, but you're not.

    I had a weird series of dreams about these barbarians in an Arabic culture in the desert, and if you don't follow their god, or worship their idols or whatever, you're tossed out to survive on your own. And you think, my god, I'm going to die out here, and that's when you run into all the other people that were tossed out on their own because they didn't fit. The idea of the song was very much to me that if you don't give in to that anger and bitterness and that depression, but instead you carve and squeeze the fat from the land and you pull people together, you can come back and take over. And I think in a lot of ways it's sort of a mobilization know, don't just sit back and feel pathetic. Love who you are."

    Robert Wynia
    peter the destroyeron February 09, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwow that beautiful. at one concert i went to rob mentioned that this song was about chico. lol. maybe he says that in every town.
    watchedbycrowson October 24, 2008   Link

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