I look up in the mirror, memories take me back
Fixin up my tie, straighten up my cap
Whoever thought that we ever would see this day
The path that we pave is narrow, no arrows to point the way
I look back and wanna laugh, like crazy parties and mad fights
And all the times I stayed home studyin yea right
We did it big, walk with me on this last night
Carry that flame, keep walkin baby thats right
And look at us now, were standin so proud
In front of the crowd, like yesterday I was just a child
Remember them days of runnin in the streets
Used to ride our bikes around before we even had the keys, now
No time to grieve, some of us will get degrees
Some of us overseas, some of us will never leave
And to my people who couldnt be here may you rest in peace
You here with me on graduation, like yo I saved you a seat
And no matter how far we fall apart, youll always have a piece of my heart
I cant believe that youre gone
So goodbye to adolescence, detentions and suspensions
Never stop with the questions, what were learning is lessons
Find our memories will never leave us, destiny will lead us
Man I might of even like some of them teachers
Dont shed no tears, cant wait to leave but there was so much here
This is where we had our first love. Our high school years.

This Night, We Pray, Our Lives, Will Show, This Dream, We Had, Each Child, Still Knows

To the nights we cant remember and ones well never forget
Everything we treasure even something that you said
Homecoming, relationships, chasing chick, taking trips
Food fights, prom nights, ball games Friday night lights
Misbehavin, pregamin, and party at the Ho-Jo (Howard Johnson)
Jersey Shore and the girl that I got with on the low-low
Talent show, best dressed, who rock the flyest logo
What happened to those years, I dont know where they go yo
-to all my girls that Ima miss and to all of my homies
All the crazy things we did, staying away from the police
Academics and athletics, man look at all the trophies
I wonder in 5 years will you know me?
But as we reminisce, always remember this
We rocked it to the end of it this is the next genesis
Generation X is what we labeled, save your breath with it
We aint start the fire, but youll never see the end of it
I feel obliged to open these young minds
Your dreams aint a mirage, you can do it baby, Grind!
I was told life fly, in the blink of an eye
So ride, let the music play the soundtrack of our lives

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