[Chorus: Blueprint - rpeeat 2X]
Take your time young man
Don't you rush to get old
Keep it in your stride
Live your life, live your life

This goes out to everybody, movin too fast
You should slow down
Too many people just runin face first into confrontation
Then its not even necessary
You need to think about your actions
I've been there I don't wanna go back
None of y'all - nobody's goin home

For I, I try not to walk the beef route
But everybody wanna speak out
Forgot when I was younger
Cats try to knock your teeth out
Slap you in your mouth piece
Until some blood leaks out
As fast as they rolled on you, they will be out
Have you bunny hopping fists is
every time you them a block from your house
But you walkin the scenic route
I've seen cats take it to the max pull their heaters out
But this is rap, so it ain't what it should be about
There's a lotta ways we can settle our differences
Whatever you choose let me know what your decision is
Talk on the telephone or clash in front of witnesses
Tweaks swords with sentences until your pride blemishes
So you actin like you want it but i know your frontin
Cuz you the type of cat that starts static over nothin
With a chip on your shoulder like the world owes you somethin
Mad cuz your name got cold and wasnt buzzin slowdown


You got an appetite for destruction
Cool, we can break bread
Whatever you feel, we can break legs
I make sure all your dawgs get fed
But talk is cheap, and I'm concerned about what ain't said
I seen cat's outnumber mine three to one
Sellin wolf tickets and thinkin we had won
I knew they didnt have to fight like us when we was young
Cuz we was chasin them cats down the street when they was done
You ain't hard cuz you can kill in a song
Hard is being a man and admittin you were wrong
Hard is be squashin my beef with you
Cuz if I dont I might be six feet deep with you
It benefits nobody, not me or you
You can get got and they can get me too
I'm man enough to admit it now, life is changin
And we need to slow down


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