"Show Me" as written by Raphael Saadiq, John R. Stephens, Robert C. L. Bacon Jr. and Estelle Fanta Swaray....
Oh oh
I realize as I lay down to sleep, we haven't spoke in weeks
So many things that I'd like to know...
Come have a talk with me
I need a sign, something I can see
Why all the mystery?
I try not to fall for make-believe, but what is reality?

Where do we go, what do we know?
Life has to have a meaning
Show me the light, show me the way
Show that you're listening
Show me, that you love me
Show me that you walk with me
Hopefully, just above me, heaven's watchin over me

Guess it's funny how I say thanks to you for all you've given me
Sometimes the price of what you gave to me,
I can't stop questioning
Oh God of love, peace, and mercy, why so much suffering?
I pray for the world, it gets worse to me
Wonder if you're listening

When people go, why do they go?
Why don't you choose me?
But someday I'll know that I'm gonna go
I hope you're waiting for me

Show me that you love me
Show me that you walk with me
Hopefully, just above me
Heaven's watching over me

Show me, oh oh, show me

Maybe we'll talk some other night
Right now I'll take it easy
Won't spend my time waiting to die
Enjoy the life I'm living

Show me that you love me
Show me that you walk with me
Hopefully, just above me, heaven's watching over me

Show me that you love me
Show me that you walk with me
Hopefully, just above me, heaven's watching over me

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"Show Me" as written by John Legend Estelle Swaray


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    General CommentThis song I think is the most beautiful song on the new album. It makes me so sad inside. Its a christian take, but I look at it as someone who died, or someone he hasn't talked to in a while.

    Damnit Chelsea, I fucking miss you. And you still have this hold on me.
    jackiwillbeon December 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI absolutely love this song. It gives me such peace and calm and helps me to feel a deeper spiritual connection each time I listen to it.
    His words are so clear and easy to follow, just questioning God and searching for answers. I feel like I can relate when I listen to this song and that John Legend has just taken the words out of my mouth and spit out all of my thoughts and questions right into this song. It's truly a piece of art.
    aly790on February 18, 2008   Link
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    General Commentabout a guy who got dumped and spoiled his girl and she dumped him for no reason and hes just bin trippin for weeks
    bewareofdaaflareon December 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHe is talking to GOD... listen to it that way and it makes sense
    soundtech04on December 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentObviously it is about God. Legend says so himself in an interview with Mojo: "It's supposed to solund like you're lying in bed, having a conversation with God".
    Lubeccaon March 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGod is relative in some sense.
    urbanandraon June 04, 2007   Link
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    General Commentit's about love and lost and his faith in god all in one.
    hodgekaon October 04, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti loveee this song also i think its about god but the video is soooooooooo awesome but sad at the same time about a boy that wanted to get out of a poor country and tried to sneek unders the planes wheels but died on his trip.soooo sad =(
    luvtaylor2on March 31, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationReally...this song is about your GOD and how he is not there. It is all about the test of faith and how meaningless you believers are so quick to put it all in something that has and will never be proven. It is good to believe in something. It seems a lot of mortals need that to go on. Faith...inter strength...prayers meditation...the knowing...and the believing. When people realize that there is nothing but a control factor, then perhaps we can advance as a species.
    LordzMatrixon January 30, 2015   Link
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    General CommentJohn Legend wrote this song as "an homage" to Jeff Buckley. He said that Jeff was one of the few singers that intimidated him.
    brokentelephone78on May 12, 2016   Link

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