With contrite hearts on the blackest of days
We've done our deeds but now we have to pay
The social call; the presidents not home
The gossip line we never would have known

I awoke to the sound of singing in the streets [x2]

The sorrow fell like the setting sun
On dusty streets the sound of running in our heads
As we hung like leaves from the trees
Shooting from the hip we live our lives so precariously
Breathing deeply for the last time I can see
The lights shining just for me...

Built to last
This winters going to end
The sun will shine on our faces
Life begins...

Swing low, Sweet chariot
Carry me home [x2]

Ride till sunset leave it all behind [x2]
and go

Cowboys never die [x4]

Built to last
This winters going to end
The sun will shine on our faces
Life begins...

When life ends life begins [x2]
Again and again

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    General CommentAt first it is talking about how it's having remorse for turning our world into a dark place; the singing I assume is an attempt at redeeming ourselves from the darkness. When it talks about being "Built to last" that is talking about how God's love was built to last and that He will carry us out of our cold and dark times. "Swing low, Sweet chariot" was a song sung by slaves in the 1800's and they sang it for a couple reasons; one was to figure out who was a part of the underground railroad but it was also a prayer asking God and the angels, who is talked about somewhere in the bible as riding a chariot, to save them from their misery which I assume is used for the same purpose. "Riding till sunset" is meant to say flee from the darkness and leave behind your sins. Finally when it talks about life ending and beginning at the same time it's talking about Matthew 16:24-25. Jesus tells us to die to ourselves (which is just a morbid expression of putting your life with God before your own wants and needs) and we would have new life. Also, many people accept Christ into their hearts mutiple times, repenting past sins and asking God to take over, that's why it says "Again and again."
    jamesdeanmichaelon July 01, 2007   Link
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    General Commentomg james thats so sick thnka u!

    always knew this one was deep!
    Shaunmcl23on December 11, 2007   Link
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    General Commentvery nice dude. very nice.
    just a side note.. COWBOYS NEVER DIE!
    and goonies never say die...
    mechatanneron August 09, 2010   Link

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