Why aren't you kind to me?
You could so easily
Take me in your arms and see
A donkey
A beast for thee

If you had half a mind
Leave worldly things behind
Devote to being kind
You to me
A beast for thee

Love, in some way, you choose
God's plans can easy bruise
One bone and blood mass we fuse
And I can be
A beast for thee

I will toil for years and years
Give you muscle, tone, and tears
Overcome and flay all fears
Leaving me
A beast for thee

And at home on Wednesday morn
Astride my horny horde
You'll be in glory born
And I will a beast for thee
Happily a beast for thee
Quietly a beast for thee
Endlessly a beast for thee

Lyrics submitted by kylethelion, edited by Memento22Mori

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    General CommentUgh. This song just kills me. A couple of corrections though. It's "Why AREN'T you kind to me?" This is the key to the rest of the lyrics. It's not a love song, but a torch song. It's a faulted, fucked up man (the kind we all know too well) but whose heart is completely at the mercy of this other person.

    The other correction is "Overcome and FLAY all fears."
    smooton March 19, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI hear it as "Love, in some way, you choose". Can't really make sense of the line as it appears here. And "God's plan" is singular, but that's just nit picking.
    ProleArtThreaton May 31, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningI think this song is incredibly moving. It's a song of love and devotion from a man who's aching with desire for a woman who doesn't seem to return it. His secret and most sacred hope is that she'll give him the chance to prove how well he could love her. He's talking about sex but it's symbolic of his deeper feelings. I think it shows how well Oldham understands women. What could be more profoundly moving than a man declaring how hard and relentlessly he'd try to please you - a beast for thee. I'd submit.
    Yaydollyon December 31, 2012   Link
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    General Comment"If you had half a mind
    Leave worldly things behind
    Devote to being kind"

    So TRUE. beauty
    peepeeheadon November 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOk, this is going to seem like kind of a juvenile interpretation, but anyway. This song appears to be a guy saying to a girl 'Maybe you wouldnt be such a bitch to me if you knew how big my dick is', like I said, it seems juvenile, but is it beyond the realms of possibility?, after all we're talking about a man who wrote a song called 'your dick is hanging out and you have come in your hair'
    kingharvest88on August 28, 2010   Link

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