I'm still stitching up the stabs you left, weaving in and out slowly
I grow accustomed to the piercing flesh, and find evil in the holy
And still, I see the line between the stars, your scars, and mine
And as this coarse thread pulls, I feel the veins of the frozen

Stay in coma. It's the only defense we have left

A bad decision leaves me open and I'm left here shuttered for days
If I could replay the words we said, I'd see you all amazed
And still it's not enough
save yourself and demonize us
And as your curtain draws, they see the tears of the fallen

Stay in coma. It's the only defense we have left

I'm not taking the fall for a spineless puppet
You play quiet, and I won't fight it

Stay in coma. It's the only defense we have left

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    General Commentprobably the best song on the new album.. awsome!
    vikkoon November 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about someone who really trusted someone and really looked up to this person like an idol.

    verse 1 The so called idol stabbed the person that looked up to him in the back and really let him down. It's taking a long time for the person to get over their idol screwing up. It's like a stab that is taking a long time to heal. They can't gey over it. (i'm still stitching up the stabs you left, weaving in and out slowly.....)

    the person looked at the person as if he could do no wrong and never let anyone down. (i find evil in the holy).

    The person feels responsible for the mistake the idol did and is really hurt. (A bad decision leaves me open and leaves me open for days.... and as your curtain draws, they see the tears of the fallen.)

    What the chorus is pretty much saying is to stay pure and don't depend on earthly things or people. stay in caoma as in don't make mistakes your gong to regret. Put the pieces together and it has such a powerful meaning espeacially for me. Someone really let me down once and i know the feeling.
    pittsburgh_pirateon April 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe first two lines are straight forward.
    The person is hurting from the pain a significant other has caused them. It is taking time for this person to over come the pain. (weaving in and out slowly)
    This person is used to the pain and I believe it pain that has been on going, like someone cheating and such. (the "stabs" you left.... I grow accustomed to the piercing flesh)
    They also believed that this person was good and held them of great importance in thier life but now they are realizing that that might not be true and that person has coem to do nothing but wrong to them. (find evil in the holy)
    They still see the relationship between them and the hope and hurt but as they are enduring what this person is doing to them they become a little more and more numb to the pain. They start to feel nothing. (i feel the viens of the frozen)

    Stay in coma. It's the only defense we have left.
    This is saying how the only way for the person being hurt to protect themselves is to block it all out. To feel numb and to feel nothing. They don't want to feel because all they have felt is hurt for so long.

    The second verse is confusing, i think it may mean that the person is regreting the desicion they made to get involved with this certian someone or to stay with them. Thier desicion didnt make anything better and they are still hurting.
    They are saying that they are not enough and what they are doing to try to make the situation better isnt enough because the certian someone keeps hurting them. They see that the person has become selfish in a way that they keep causing pain unto the other. They are only caring about themselves and no one else (save yourself and demonize us.)

    And as your cutain draws, they see the tears of the fallen ... i think this means that the person inflicting the pain is being seen as a victim to outsiders. They are pretending they did nothing wrong and playing the good guy.

    The one hurt is saying im not taking your burden, im not taking the blame for someone as weak and selfish as you. (im not taking the fall for a spinless puppet.)
    They are letting the person win, so that the hurt can move on. They are not fighting to keep the relationship going anymore. They are finally free from this person hurting them. (you play quiet and i wont fight it.)
    xMinervaxon October 10, 2007   Link
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    General Commentbasically playing the old 'ignorace is bliss" ? but in the end it isnt. ...
    selah15on March 20, 2008   Link

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