She told me don't let them in you're a copy of a copy
She told me don't come again this is awful this is all wrong

Now I feel it coming back again
Slide down the walls, on the floor
Oh, I'll pretend this isn't happening this time

She told me, stop listening to the voices, and what they said
She told me don't fall again, I am wretched, I am loathed

She told me, don't kill the villains
The pain is not escaping
She told me, don't kill the villains
Just let them feast on their own perfection
She told me, don't kill the villains
The pain is not escaping
She told me you cannot stay
But I'm stable. I'm okay

I said it, we all regret it. Now this room is cold and spinning
Give us cause to keep them breathing again this time
She told me don't let them in
You're a copy of a copy

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    General CommentWhen I hear the song I feel that he talking to a person with prior belief that fell out or has come to the realization that no cares. "She" is trying to tell him(who by the way believes in God and so forth), to give up on the people(maybe even herself). He keeps trying, but he keeps feeling that its pointless. She tells him that just forget about it, don't try to change people let them sin. In the end he is asking god to give him the strength to go on and not give up on people, "Give us cause to keep them breathing again this time."

    The title is just saying you heard on christian you heard them all, copy of a copy, you're just another one.

    Love the song, its cussing excellent :P
    Sooperdooper777on December 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentTo get this one started...

    I can't figure out who "she" is, possibly an atheist girlfriend? Anyway, "she" is saying "You're a copy of a copy" as in you're a drone. You're just another face in the crowd, and with all the stuff he says "She told me" I think it all points to her saying don't fight the evil, just go with it. Basically, she's telling him to neglect God and everything he hears, but go with everything else - society, temptations, etc, just let them enter his life and go with them.

    But then he says "But I'm stable, I'm okay" - this might be where he's standing up for himself, and saying no, I'm find how I am. But then he goes "I said it, we all regret it" - not really sure again, but sounds like he regrets standing up to her?

    I don't know, best I can get out of it...
    animapersaon November 05, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti like this song, it has this simplicity but it's so complex all the same. it's f**king brilliant;

    "i said it, we all regret it; now, this room is cold and spinning ... give us cause to keep them breathing again this time; she told me, don’t let them in - you’re a copy of a copy ..."

    it makes little sense to me but it really doesn't need to. :)
    minutemanon November 24, 2007   Link
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    General Commentsounds like yall got the beginning part right, but for the"I said it, we all regret it" part, i think it might mean how he did stand up for himself but maybe in the wrong way, like he lashed out and lost her/them/his testimony. he lost their respect and then it says "Give us cause to keep them breathing again this time" i think he might be talking to God asking Him if its really worth witnessing to them if they dont listen? idk, hopefully this helped
    christianrocker137on November 12, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationContrary to what other comments have said, the phrase "Copy of a copy" does not mean that you are just like everyone else who is just like everyone else. It's a colloquial phrase to indicate an imperfect copy, like a page printed, scanned, and the newly scanned page is then printed. Because the printing process is not perfect, little imperfections build on one another until the image is noticeably degraded.

    At this point, this is purely an impression I got, so take it for what it's worth. The second stanza sounds like an oncoming breakdown as the narrator feels it run on him, he braces his back against the fall and slides down til he's on the floor. After she already told him he's imperfect and this is wrong, it seems he's trying to hide it's real affect rather than give her another reason to look down on him.
    At this point, I'm torn between the next line being about hearing voices in your head or the voices of people you're trying to impress. As far as not letting them in, that would seem to support the idea of impressing people rather than mental issues.
    In general, I get confused when villains are brought up in these songs and I'm fairly stumped for the rest of it.
    MerariVonGenon June 11, 2014   Link

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