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In your compartment, I'm sorry.
Under a tiny sheet: a silhouette of someone.
Light hits your curtains
I'm leaving, but with a certainty
That I will meet you again in dreams.

For your sake, I'll still escape
Time and time again.
Will you be my succubus until I wake up?

Emancipation, I'm sorry.
We will have none of that
And you have met with your love.
In your compartment I'm freezing.
There is a window
Somebody broke it from the inside.

For your sake, I'll still escape
Time and time again.
Will you be my succubus until I wake up?

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Succubus song meanings
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    General CommentThis is by far the creepiest song I have ever heard in my life. Therefore, totally Mew.
    I thought he was talking about a hospital until I looked up the word succubus. Here it is strait from the dictionary.
    Succubus: a demon in female form, said to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep.
    Make sense now anyone?
    I cant believe this is the first comment...
    ComicalBirdon January 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWahh, I always thought the lyrics were
    'under a time machine'

    but listening to the song whilst reading, makes more sense :)
    shellboyon May 23, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"In your compartment, I'm sorry/ Under a tiny sheet: a silhouette of someone"

    -Well, the obvious thing to say is that it's about a girl. He's with her at her place and everything looks so tiny, probably because she is rather small, a "silhouette" of a person.

    "Light hits your curtain/ I'm leaving, but with a certainty/ That I will meet you again in dreams."

    -He's just been with a woman he knows he can never be with, and probably shouldn't be with, so he gets out of there first thing in the morning. But he knows that he won't be able to get her out of his head.

    "For your sake, I'll still escape/ Time and time again./ Will you be my succubus until I wake up?"

    -He meets her in his dreams from now on, because he knows that for her sake, it would be best if they never met again. But he still loves (lusts over?) her, so he only thinks about her in his dreams, and replays these forbidden sexual fantasies in his head about her. He has turned his memory of her into a succubus, something he knows is bad for him, but he can't help but want it from the moments he falls asleep to the moment he wakes up.

    "Emancipation, I'm sorry./ We will have none of that/ And you have met with your love."
    -He knows that this fantasy will haunt him forever, and he will never be free from its restraints. It has called to him so strongly, that he's fallen for this ideal woman that may have once been real, but has since only become the perfect being in his head.
    -This could also be interpreted as him not wanting to let go of the fantasy for the same reason.

    "In your compartment I'm freezing./ There is a window/ Somebody broke it from the inside."
    -He probably dared to return to where the original woman lived, the place he left so long ago, but finds that she is no longer there. The freezing is probably both from the broken window letting in a draft, as well as the new knowledge that he was too late to try and be with the woman he had since fallen in love with. As for the window broken from the inside, that could mean that the woman broke the window, either in the symbolic sense (perhaps she had a similar fantasy in her head of him that she escaped from), or literally, in which case it could have been a suicide (now there's really no chance of him having anything with her), or, in light of his comparing her to a succubus (a very sexual type of creature), a night with another guy that may have not ended well, perhaps with her trying to escape from him.

    (Repeat of chorus)
    -The music and lyrics together at this last part make this sound like a finality. He knows he's lost his chance forever. He wanted to break free of this succubus dream by being with the real person it was based off of, but now that it's impossible, he doesn't care if this fantasy takes him over again, since that is all he has left of her.

    The song has a pretty gloomy feel to it, almost remorseful. In both versions, there's a ghostly moaning in the background during the chorus, probably representing the pain within the lyrics of the chorus.

    I really like this song, very mellow and bleak. My interpretation may be wrong, but that's what the site is for. :)
    SMStephMars1on November 24, 2009   Link

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