"American Terrorist" as written by Chick Corea and Wasalu Jaco....
(Close your mind, close your eyes, see with your heart
How do you forgive the murderer of your father?
The ink of a scholar is worth a thousand times more than the blood of a martyr)

We came through the storm, nooses on our necks
And a smallpox blanket to keep us warm
On a 747 on the pentagon lawn
Wake up, the alarm clock is connected to a bomb

Anthrax lab on a west Virginia farm
Shorty ain't learned to walk already heavily armed
Civilians and little children is especially harmed
Camouflaged Torahs, bibles and glorious Qu'rans
The books that take you to heaven and let you meet the Lord there
Have become misinterpreted, reasons for warfare
We read em with blind eyes I guarantee you there's More there
The rich must be blind because they didn't see the poor there

Need to open up a park? Just close 10 schools
We don't need em
Can you please call the fire department they're down here marching for freedom
Burn down their TV's, turn their TV's on to teach 'em

The more money that they make
The more money that they make
The better and better they live
Whatever they want to take
Whatever they want to take
Whatever, whatever it is
The more that you want to learn
The more that you try to learn
The better and better it gets
American Terrorist

Now the poor Klu Klux man say that we're all brothers
Not because things are the same because
we lack the same color that's green, now that's mean
Can't burn his cross cause he can't afford the gasoline
Now if a Muslim woman strapped with a bomb on a bus,
With the seconds running give you the jitters?
Just imagine a American-based Christian organization
planning to poison water supplies to bring the second-coming quicker
Nigga, that ain't livin' properly
Break 'em off a little democracy
Turn their whole culture to a mockery
Give em coca-cola for their property
Give em gum, give em guns, get em young, give em fun
But if they ain't giving it up, then they ain't getting none
And don't give em all, no ,man, just give em some
It's the paper, then these cops must be Al-Qaeda

The more money that they make
The more money that they make
The better and better they live
Whatever they want to take
Whatever they want to take
Whatever, whatever it is
The more that you want to learn
The more that you try to learn
The better and better it gets
American Terrorist

It's like
Don't give the black man food, give red man liquor
Red man fool, black man nigga
Give yellow man tool, make him railroad builder
Also give him pan, make him pull gold from river
Give black man crack, glocks and things
Give red man craps, slot machines

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"American Terrorist" as written by Wasalu Jaco Chick Corea

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    General Commentokay hello!! he's grouping americans together, not minorities.

    this whole song talks about american's AS the terrorist, and references times where there has been conspiracy, and incidents some may have viewed as american terrorism.

    747 is not talking about minorities so we can all stop thinking that he is singling ANY minorities out. Flight 77 is the plane that crashed into the pentagon.... pictures after the fact portrayed it as 747.... where did the plane and the people go?.... conspiracy? lupe seems to think so.

    ... i think people need to look into what he says at the beginning.. the ink of a scholar, is worth a thousand times more than the blood of a martyr.....

    EDUCATE YOURSELVES PEOPLE! If you knew the un-biased history of the united states of america, you wouldn't be scratching your heads so much...
    chasing_carson September 18, 2008   Link
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    General CommentLove what u said chasing cars.. People seriously need to educate themselves and stop listening to the mainstream media, propaganda, even the public school system.

    "Just imagine a American-based Christian orginization planning to poison water supplies to bring the second-coming quicker."

    This line is strong to me because a part of me believes flouride in our water is legitamately bad for us and there is plenty of evidence to back this up. It slowly loweres IQ, some say "oh they only put a small fraction of a tiny bit in the water, not nearly enough to effect us" but if you think of how much water you've drank in your life and what drinks contain water. Its a scary thought.

    He also talks about the second coming, does not talk in depth about it, but obviously Lupe is well educated and knows whats going on in the world around him. More artists need to broaden their horizons and talk about something new, something informative, and something creative.. and by something new I dont mean "get silly" or "marco polo"
    Thnkabtit34on December 09, 2008   Link
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    General Commentto rustyshakle--i dont exactly think he was saying thats the way it is, or thats the way it was. hes just saying that to point at the stereotypes and supposed "historical facts" (which we cant even vow for the truth of) & how that, intergrated with the unfortunate disaster of 9/11, has caused these stereotypes to regain a type of birth and relevence in modern day culture. the fact that hes saying these so matter of factly is done with the hopes of making us realize how ridiculous it all sounds and to point out the obvious... that were all the same, essentially. BUT ANYHOW lupe is by far one of the illest rappers in this day and age... his lyrics are inspiring, thought provoking, and just fuckin sick. this song kicks ass, plain & simple.
    x_soulrebel_xon December 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFirst of all this song is being told from the point of view of the artist; so your opinion doesn' treally matter. this is not "howIfeel.net" this is "songmeanings.net" so if you're not explaining the song meaning we don't care about the historical perspective of the situation. it doesn't dictate the meaning behind THIS song. I totally relate to Lupe being a black american and dealing with the opression of society. right on LUPE!
    flyysince89on April 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentBest song on the album. Nevertheless, the album is great, but the lyrical depth of this song is deeper than all of the other. A true look on American culture.
    Autobahnon November 24, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"Nigga, that ain't livin' properly
    Break 'em off a little democracy
    Turn their whole culture to a mockery
    Give em coca-cola for their property"

    how bush thought iraqis r livin rong so lets bomb them n give them democracy- aka an ad campain showin how helpful bush has been-wen now the iraqis r livin worse- said in a sarcastic voice

    amazing song, about 9/11, iraq, racism, n sterotypes

    lupe is a genuis, n his art is a masterpiece, so much better then the other rap shit like ludacris, n 50 cent

    he raps about things that matter, that makes u think
    shooshoo3on December 26, 2006   Link
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    General Commentlove this song, it is def one of the best, lyrics, beats and all

    lupe rocks I love listening to him, he has so much to say and I only wish I could articulate myself as well as him!
    Maikeon April 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI love this song and thought it was the catchiest song on the album with a decent, if slightly didactic and incomplete message. The vision of post 9-11 paranoia in the first verse is spot on, although who has really thought much about those anthrax letters since about 2002?

    Yes, white Americans have mistreated blacks, Asians, Native-Americans, and Muslims...but Lupe leaves out Mexicans, Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, German-Americans, etc etc etc...

    Sure, Italians, Germans, and the Irish have largely assimilated and been absorbed into the majority culture now so they don't provide such a poignant example as blacks or Native-Americans whose mistreatment continues most visibly, but has anyone seen an Asian-American panning gold or building a railroad in most of the last century? It is convenient for his thesis to be "White Americans have mistreated all nonwhites," but the truth of the matter is that white Americans have even mistreated other white Americans at times. I'm not a white supremicist or a Republican or anything that sinister, but a little more historical perspective would make his thesis less one-sided, that is, anti-white. I don't know why he didn't include Mexican-Americans as they are currently in the hot seat as far as newly immigrated unassimilated minorities go; maybe he just couldn't think of anything to rhyme with Mexican.

    I enjoyed the theme of KKK members opening their eyes and realizing that they have more in common with financially oppressed minorities that they work so hard to hate. It would be nice if this country stratefied itself along economic lines instead of racial ones for a change!
    BigDaddyChaChaon July 08, 2007   Link
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    General Commentshooshoo3- i'm pretty sure those lines is about taking land from native americans
    noone1111111111111111111on July 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt's almost chilling how real this song is but not fair. I dont blame all black people for the riots in california, nor do i blame everyone from the middle east for the 9/11 bombings because obviously not everyone from that ethnic group was there. That being said why do i get blamed for slavery and racism just because im white? My family wasnt even in america during slavery. Sorry to say that took lupe down a notch for me
    rustyshaklefordon November 11, 2007   Link

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