This is the fifth single from Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor album. It’s produced by Soundtrakk, and a clip of a low budget music video for the piece appeared on his MySpace Blog, but was...
I told you I would show up screaming FNF
Till the world, blow up, they said I was so finished
I told 'em its show business
Meaning it's no business, since Fiasco's in it
Disrespect the dress code; wear my street clothes in it
Measured, sold, and clothed in it
Opened up clones, after I entered and drove in it, like unh

Only fear God
Know the weapons of the weak
The weakness of the hard
And never fall asleep

Roll in it, let music bumpin, windows tinted
Through they neighborhoods and all of the wolves in it
It's already controlled in it
Seen it come and go, sellin they soul in it
Diamond and gold plated
Fountain of youth, dippin my toes in it
Bounced in the booth, spit it, like scoldin it
Putting my heart and my soul in it


Once upon a time, not long ago
Where the pushaman creep, where they live life po'

With fifteen in the clip and one in the hold
Hallway wall full of bricks, only some of us know
None of us know the makers of the toast
Like the bottom of the stove, that was used in the murderin' of the scroll
Heart colder than EDs
Won't let the CD's city defeat me
Rub me out like genies; smoke a sweet to my graffiti
Nigga what


Marvin Billups said wasup to the reaper
Hell met like Riddell and high water hello
To the five year old gunshot killer, I hear ya
Clearer than the invisible man in the mirror
Cheer up, I'll put in on the bars like beer nuts
Put a bug in they ear, so from here up, they hear us


Once upon a time, not long ago
Where the pushaman creep, where they live life po'

I put it on my grand mama's daughter
My microphone control of the soul of slave hummin "Wadin in the Water"
I author like PW brother, like a hustla
God place me in ya armor, I prescribe no partnas
I do it for the hood like a parka
And tell my niggaz not to shiver
Only time we quiver like a archer is


Here we are now, entertain us
Change don't change us
Ever since the game trained us
We came up like worms in the rain
I dream my chain became a loose noose that was used to hang us
So now, my insane brain, my 32 teeth
And two feet creep like its Elm Street


Once upon a time, not long ago
Where the pushaman creep, where they live life po'
He said...

Lyrics submitted by chrisbcream26

"The Emperor's Soundtrack" as written by Lupe Fiasco Michael Schenker

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    General CommentNo comments on this one yet? I got this CD after hearing Lupe in songs like Touch the Sky with KanYe and Catch me I'm Ballin' on NBA 2k7, and I've wandered my way into this song.

    I couldn't tell you exactly what it means, but as close as I am to a mental breakdown, this song makes me feel like I can take on the whole world. It may not be as well known as Kick, Push, but this song deserves some MAJOR credit.
    ffzmanon March 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentMan this guy is good. This song has such a great lyrical flow if that makes sense.
    Does he say weakness of the hard or weakness of the heart?
    captain amazoon May 08, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti dont know but i bought this cd and the cool and this song are 2 songs i will never get sick of hearing. theyre both so sick. fiasco is a true hip hop genious
    DrLoveon November 07, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe lyrics to this song are painfully flawed whoever submitted this needs to check their speakers
    Jooneron November 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWho the hell is Marvin Billups???
    LennonFiascoon January 29, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti somehow overlooked this song the first time i listened to this album. i listened to it for a while before i got the cool and made a playlist of the songs that i liked from it, but this song was not on that list. after listening to the cool and gettin way into it i re-visited this album and discovered that i really really liked this track. and after re-visiting food and liquor and listening to the cool i have to say that lupe is in my top 5 greatest mc's of all time.
    elmillon February 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI submitted more correct lyrics for this in the report thread. It's more accurate than what's on here, but I still have no idea what's said at the beginning of the fourth verse. It sounds like "Biden Bellows," because the first two words sounds like they start with B's, but other than that I don't know.
    secretzmanon March 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentPretty much hybernated on this joint.. Aint realize how hard this song goes til afta Tha Cool came out.. But this song is sick.. Just thought I'd put that on there.. Tha last verse is real.. Chorus is golden.. Song is just sick point, blank, period.. I guess tha meaning of tha song could be somethin like, keep pushin, through every struggle/obstacle or somethin like that, neva give up..

    dnorrisiion October 19, 2008   Link
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    General Commentyea sum of these lyrics are off. but i love his I do it for tha "hood" like a "parka" and then the shiver and the quiver like an the quiver located on a bow n arrow for an archer. lol great stuff. And i found that his reference to toast, and stove in this track is better understood if you listen to his old mix tapes. Top 5 nothin...easily top 3, likely to be top 2! Lupe is half man half amazing!
    jay_staffordon October 31, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationThese lyrics are straight now.

    "Biden Bellows said what up to the reaper
    Helmet (Hell-met) like Riddel and high water hello"

    I'm still confused about these lines. I got the use of Helmet as "hell met" and Riddell...but what is "biden bellows"? I've tried to break it down, but nothing. Also, what is he talking about "high water hello"? Like i guess the saying 'goodbye snow, hello high water' like going from winter to spring? But what's the connection to Riddell and/or helmets/sporting gear.

    "To the five year old gunshot hearer, I hear ya
    Clearer, than the invisible man in the mirror
    Cheer up, I’ll put it on the bars like Beer Nuts
    Put a bug in they ear so from here up, they hear us"

    I love this personal connection he makes to the lonely kid listening to his music as an outlet. Speaking directly to him like he's just outside his window and he sees the kid's fear. Letting the kid know he's there and his music is going to be there as that outlet. Dope.

    Love this song. Peace.
    wsquar3don June 02, 2009   Link

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