"Night Time Demons" as written by and Lasse Theis Martinussen Jonas Vestergaard....

Night time demons starting to roam
Coming out from the shadows to steal his soul
He's seeing them night time demons and they smell his jones
It's a drug that's calling name and won't leave him alone ooh

What you waiting for brother what you waiting for?
To resist is futile you've tried it before
By now you should understand demonic law
I've got you in my claws yeah
What I've given you have given you nights of pleasure
There was no where else for you turn and nothing better
Now you're acting like you can't face the bad weather
When your life gets raw yeah
Get off the floor you can do it!
I ain't thru with you until we go through it
People warned you about me you knew it
But you did it for the feeling I gave ya
You know what's making me sick is your behavior!
I gave you mental orgasms that was major!
Now you're trying to back out of my labor
Talking bout some savior c'mon!

(Repeat Chorus)

This is cycle that you can't break easily
Bigger people than you have fallen dealing with me
Just think of the things that I offer you!
You could see me as your friend if you wanted to
We've had such beautiful times together!
This is the relationship you shouldn't sever
All those others they don't know who's the real you
I've seen you do things they don't see you do
C'mon now don't act like we're strangers
I know you like a little bit of danger
You know I'll keep your life living on the edge
Keep your neck in the noose but you're not dead
Stop listening to others they'll just cloud your judgment
I was the one there for you when no one wasn't
I ain't gonna lie you know I got to kill you
But forget that and remember what the thrills do!!!!

(Repeat Chorus x2)

No nooooo...

Lyrics submitted by Keyser Sushi

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    General CommentThe anti-gangsta rap. Musically it's different from AD's usual stuff because it *sounds* like a gangsta rap. But the words - as usual for AD - are anti-gangsta.

    This is from their 2004 album, "Among the Trees."
    Keyser Sushion October 20, 2006   Link

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