Oscuros sentimientos de culpabilidad y de desprecio
se clavan y atormentan mi corazón y mi mente.
No puedo dejar de pensar en la masacre de millones de animales inocentes; un holocausto cotidiano perpetrado por la ignorancia y el egoísmo humano.
Nuestras manos están manchadas de sangre, y cuanto mayor es nuestra pasividad y nuestro consumo, menor es el respeto que merecemos.
La opción de participar o no en esta (y otras) injusticias está en nuestra mano.
La responsabilidad de actuar correctamente recae sobre nuestra conciencia.
Éstas marcarán la diferencia entre la vida o la muerte para cientos de individuos inocentes.

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Una Opcion, Un Deber song meanings
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    General CommentEnglish translation:

    Dark feelings of guilt and contempt torment and are stuck in my heart and my mind.
    I can't stop thinking about the slaughter of millions of innocent animals; a daily holocaust perpetrated by ignorance and by human greed.
    Our hands are bloodstained, and the bigger our passivity and consumerism are, the smaller is the respect we deserve.
    The choice between participating or not in this (and in many other) injustices is in our hands.
    The responsibility for acting properly falls to our moral awareness.
    These will make the difference between life or death for hundreds of innocent beings.

    Artist Comments:

    We can not deny it. It's a fact that everyday millions and millions of animals are killed by human action. It's easy to say. Millions and millions of animals killed every single day. Is this fair?
    The daily exploitation and domination that non-human animals are subjected to goes unnoticed under our nose every single day and nobody seems to care that the victims are counted by their hundreds, by their thousands, by tonnes, or that they're not even counted at all because they aren't victims of any slaughter, they're just objects, resources at our disposal and that we can use and kill them to satisfy our interests, whims and false needs. We have the right to literally rape them to force them to be born, it's perfectly fair that we wrench them from their natural habitat and that we stack them up in tiny cages in which they can't even move during their whole "life", that we fatten them with shitty food to make them rapidly fat and with drugs to prevent them from being sick due to the unnatural conditions they're subjected to. It's not enough that we assassinate and eat them, that we steal their eggs and squeeze out the milk that the calf we sent to the slaughterhouse could never be fed with, and that when they stop being useful and profitable they're also killed. What's wrong if we get dressed and wear their skin and hair, or if we are amused and make fun at the cost of their suffering? Isn't it justifiable that we torture them to test our cosmetics, medicines and other drugs on them, or the cleaning and "beauty" products we need so much? Who gives a fuck if our roads and infrastructures destroy the home of millions of individuals? They're just animals...
    Probably you don't agree with the majority, or even with any of the preceeding sentences. Perhaps you have even thought about this issue and you have already taken an important and decisive step towards veg(etari)anism, towards respect. It's very possible that you are perfectly conscious that humans are also animals, neither superior nor inferior to any other animal species, and that the biological species an individual belongs to does not justify in any way the domination, the exploitation, the slaughter nor the murdering either. Likewise not the colour of your skin nor the degree of intellect, nor the sex each one of us belongs to justifies it either. Non-human animals, as much as us, want to live their lives fully and satisfactorily in freedom, as much as we do. They're not on the Earth to be our slaves.
    Not killing animals directly with your own hands doesn't mean that somebody isnt doing it for you. All the products and services we consume or use in this techno-industrial society have entailed domination at some level and have caused suffering and/or death. Vegan industrial products don't exist. Not even those which don't contain any animal derived ingredients are exploitation-free. It's vitally important that we reflect on it, stand up for it and take action, because it's not matter of opinion or likes; it's a fact that an unimaginable number of non-human animals die everyday as a consequence of our dominatory lifestyles. We cannot stand still unfeeling in front of such an injustice caused by each and every one of us.
    From the moment we realize that an injustice exists and we have the choice of participating or not participating in it, we must do everything we can to avoid it, not taking part in it and actively fighting for it to end.
    Animals cannot defend themselves on their own, they cannot rebel against their exploiters nor organize a revolution that liberates them from human oppression. Those who are conscious of this have to act for them. We have to do as much as possible to liberate them from the daily holocaust they are subjected to.
    It's not enough being ovo-lacto-vegetarian and thinking we've already done enough. Our passivity supports their slaughter. Our inactivity perpetuates the injustice.
    Because we can, let's endeavour to self-manage our needs and to progressively abandon all those avoidable and really unnecessary habits of consumption, and similarly avoid all support of this System of exploitation and death. Let's take action against all ways of domination.
    snoopyhasadeathwishon October 17, 2006   Link

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