Siento asco al ver las cotidianas escenas de normalidad, estúpidas y asesinas.
Nuevas familias que forjan un futuro presente de muerte, de la locura civilizada, de la ceguera que se dice iluminada.
Deja de buscar culpables ajenxs y fáciles. Mirando bien cerca se te helará la sangre.
Cuando estés cerca de la tumba verás tu estúpida vida dirigida por la inercia de una rueda arrastrada por la indiferencia y el egoísmo. Sentirás el vacío que siempre te había llenado, y verás quiénes sois los locos.

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Estupidas Vidas song meanings
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    General CommentEnglish Translation:

    I feel disgust seeing the daily scenes of normality, stupid and murderous.
    New families that forge a present future of death, of the civilized madness, of the blindness that considers itself enlightened.
    Stop looking for strange and easy things to blame. Looking close to yourself your blood will freeze.
    When you're nearly in the grave you'll see your stupid life managed by the inertia of a wheel pulled by indifference and selfishness.
    You'll feel the empiness that had always filled you, and you'll see who the crazy ones are.

    Artist Comments:

    If we stop to look around and to analyze for a while our way of "life", our habits, our relationships between ourselves, with other animals and with Nature in general, we easily realise that even though we're animals, we're almost completely de-naturalized. We eat pre-cooked and plasticised rubbish, we drink carbonic drinks canned in cans of aluminium, we live in grey and cold blocks of concrete and steel, we move in motorized vehicles over paths of Tarmac, we communicate with each other by means of electronic gadgets, we domesticate other beings to use them as we please... We live comfortably, idiotised, alienated and subjugated to such a sedentary and dependent-of-this-System way of life that we've become completely useless people that can't fend for ourselves and survive in the natural environment. We have created an artificial world burying behind it the essence of what is authentic and natural in life. This new world we've created, Civilization and Progress, such technological, scientific and industrial advances have devastating consequences and they're plundering Life.
    It's so ridiculous and pathetic to analyze our worries for such banal things as our appearance or our social status whilst thousands of millions of animals (human and non-human) suffer the consequences of our stubborn habits, our consumerism and of our participation of this System of death and domination. That's the real madness, the immutable and maddening normality that the same schemes are assumed and reproduced with, a "life" of submission, discipline, consumerism and devastation is accepted without questioning of any kind, children continue being brought into the world to perpetuate and increase the misery we generate, to continue our criminal labours, and to be as happy as we are... That normality that consists in surrendering oneself to a job to produce useless merchandise, in living dead a prefabricated and foreseeable life, surrounded by false securities and unnecessary material possessions. Sacrificing everything for nothing, just to become one more part of this big, uniform and grey mass.
    This inertia has blinded us and made us so insensitive that we don't worry on seeing that the most atrocious and horrifying injustices take place everyday surround us, or if we react to them in some way we do it blaming all these miseries and suffering on the State, the politicians, the police, on rich people, on animal abusers, etc. and on those we don't feel related to. But what most of the times we don't (or don't want) to realise is that many responsibilities that we have and which are more closer and direct to us do participate in such injustices; in fact, there's a policeman/policewoman, an authoritarian figure, a racist, a sexist, a speciesist, a selfish person, a consumerist, an abuser, a murderous person inside us... we have to be conscious and to admit it. The majority of our habits of consumption and of our relationships with other individuals entail domination, suffering and death. Our main labour, the true Revolution, begins inside ourselves trying to eradicate the stupidity out of our lives, rejecting a dead life, and to be "happily" integrated, productive individuals, that can both feign and convince themselves it's possible to be free from being a slave and a enslaver.
    snoopyhasadeathwishon October 17, 2006   Link

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