Nuestros cuerpos se pudren, lo habéis conseguido.
El deseo se presenta una vez más como algo ajeno.
Os lo habéis apropiado arrancándolo de nuestras entrañas, desalmándonos, exponiéndonos con los parámetros más mercantilizados.
El viejo patriarcado ha enterrado nuestro deseo, empujándonos a la pasividad. Simplificad=s a un trozo de carne, a objetos sexuales a merced de las masas.
Un ideario asfixiante enraizado en lo más profundo de nuestro ser.
No sólo somos víctimas, también nuestr=s propi=s verdugos.
Esto nos angustia, nos reduce a nada; vací=s. Y la desesperación se transforma en duda.
Dudamos si sabríamos ser nosotr=s mism=s. Sentimos miedo de acabar con esta humillación, aunque poco a poco entendemos nuevos conceptos.
Quizás ha llegado el momento de pasar de la arcada al vómito.

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Nuestros Propios Verdugos song meanings
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    General CommentEnglish translation:

    Our bodies rot, you have achieved it.
    The desire comes again as something strange.
    You've taken it pulling it from our entrails, weakening us, exposing us with the most commercialized parameters.
    The old patriarchy has buried our desire, pulling us into passivity.
    Simplified to a piece of flesh, to sexual objects at the mercy of the masses.
    An asphyxiating idea rooted in the deepest of our beings.
    We're not just victims, but also our own executioners.
    This distresses us, it reduces us to nothing; empty. And the desperation turns into doubt.
    We doubt if we could be ourselves. We feel the fear of ending this humillation, although step by step we understand new concepts.
    Maybe it's time to pass from retching to vomiting.

    Asfixia Comments:

    If we really yearn for Freedom we have to break the chains that subdue us and that we submit other individuals to. Some of these are the fears, taboos, complexes, prejudices, roles and discriminatory attitudes we have inside us related to our sexuality, our gender and patriarchy.
    Socio-cultural factors, propaganda and education received from our family, society, institutions, centres of 'learning', the media, etc. have nullified and repressed our desires, our feelings, they've programmed our behaviours and they've sowed within us fears, complexes and stupid prejudices. A repressive, authoritarian and insane culture has been denying, repressing and censoring for centuries, sexuality as a natural fact of life. Sexual education is not talking about ovules, nor about spermatic canals, its dealing openly with matters such as masturbation, pleasure, comfort, affection, communication, free sexuality, etc.
    We all are affected, even men who have nurtured the division of such roles at the same time as being victims of it. Men have to be strong, active, impulsive, aggressive, instigators of sexual initiative, expert, brave, etc. They have to be in control of the situation and "wear the trousers". This makes them feel insecure, suffer complexes and gives them fear of failure, of rejection, of making a fool of themselves, of not fulfilling their own desires... Women are pulled into the passive ground; they have to be docile, submissive, obliging, feminine, maternal... They're forced to accept that penetration is the centre, the axis and the goal of sex, repressing their initiative, their desire and burying their curiosity to explore their sexuality and their own bodies and sensations farther than what the man allows.
    As soon as the sex of the newborn child is known, a model that will form, condition and determine his/her behaviour is put into motion. Role and gender, constructed by the social order to inhibit, conceal and limit sexuality, leads to systematic reproduction and an attempt to decide how we want to live and how we relate to each other. As soon as the identity of the genders is set up, "proper" behaviours and that we act in accordance with our "genital marker" will be expected.
    We don't have a body, we are a body. Sexism and the commercialisation of bodies as objects for consumption are more than evident in the media, advertising, films, etc. The pornographic industry, prostitution, sexist and homophobic attitudes and aggressions, social pressure and humiliations for matters of physical appearance... these facts are sadly customary on a daily basis.
    The total and absolute imposition of the "beauty" and fashion yardsticks that publicly mark us is adopted with enthusiasm by the masses that have no objection in joining a merciless competition in which almost everyone tries to be like fashionable people or to resemble that supposed ideal model, always so worried about physical appearance, about having a "cool" look... Depilation, deodorants, creams, make-up, cosmetics, hairdressing, "beauty" products, fashion clothes and shoes, tattoos, piercings... really unnecesary shit we consider so important that it ends up something pathetic. Stupid markers we assume for custom and inertia and that we adopt for fear of being different; for fear of being rejected. That rejection that stigmatises in such a way that it creates complexes, fears, low self-esteem, and in many cases it makes us prostitute our dignity and our authenticity, concealing, disguising and modifying our own individual nature, or sometimes it takes it to even more extreme situations such as anorexia, bulimia, suicide...
    But we're not just victims of patriarchal impositions and domination. Men and women who suffer from such patriarchy prove that we're also our own judges and executioners. From the beginning we sentence and condemn ourselves to develop certain roles and to follow pre-determined guidelines for being a man or a woman, and to accept that others do the same. Many of the women and men who have been able to keep a critical, unsubordinated and anti-patriarcal attitude have made the big mistake of creating or supporting the "feminist" struggle. The women's liberation movement, that arose in the '60s, did not prosper in the development of a deep analysis of domination in its totality nor of the role played by gender. A movement that started for the necessity of liberating ourselves from certain roles to being self-sufficient individuals, was turned into what is feminism today, in which its goal is not the liberation of the individual, but as a social category. That "feminism" which even the institutions consider themselves a standard-bearer of, that one which only asks for rights, recognition, and protection according to legislation, is a reactionary movement created to silence and to make believe false achievements. The only thing that "feminism" has attained is to reinforce the victimization of women, creating a need and a dependence for protection and security. Some of these "feminists" have projected their screams to obtain the same rights as their "enemies", men, equalizing with them and assimilating part of their role. Some others have got lost in theoretical debates, or they've set up groups of women to develop their oppressed communicative capacities and create feelings of unity and strength, similar to group therapy. It seems to be forgotten that the relations of power are not just a matter of gender.
    We live in a world made by and for men, let's get rid of these reductionist concepts of feminism, let's fight against the double oppression, against capitalism, against the relations of power, against speciesism (patriarchy and the use of animals were the first systems of domination and the germ of discrimination and the consideration of non-human animals and women as objects, resources and merchandise), against plundering, exploitation and conquest of the Earth, against the denial of Life and Nature inside us; that is to say, against any way of domination, making implicit and evident women's liberation in this emancipating struggle.
    Even though we are accomplices we don't want to assume the role of the dominated nor of the dominator. Only through accepting the misery that surrounds our lives and clouds our relationships can we transform them and break with the roles of dependence and submission. Then we'll be able to set out towards the direction of a real liberation.
    snoopyhasadeathwishon October 17, 2006   Link

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