Worse than Pain
Is the Pain You Can't Feel Anymore
Harder than the Truth
Is the Lies You Don't See
Bitterer than the Tears
Are the Tears You Can't Shed Anymore
Worse, Than a Weak Mind
Is a Dead and Cold Heart

Sometimes You Must Embrace the Sorrow
To Recieve the Cleansing

To Shores of Joy We Sail
Through Seas of Suffering and Pain
To Woods of Harmony We Ride
Through Valleys of Death and Unlight

Deeper and Deeper Into the Abyss
Higher and Higher to the Sky
If there was no Darkness
How Could We See the Light?

Worse than Grief
Is the Grief You Can't Feel Anymore
Worse than a Weak Mind
Is a Dead and Cold Heart

Sometimes You Must Embrace the Darkness
When You Seek Light
Sometimes You Must Let Go
To Keep Holding Tigh

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    My InterpretationThis is by far the best optimist song I have come to known. Instead of simply saying to not worry and be happy for whatever reason, it relates to concrete common experiences in life and shows how your situation is probably not actually as bad as it seems to be.

    For example, mankind's apparent ignorance ("weak mind") easily gives grief to one. However, while that is indeed a bad thing, they say that lack of empathy ("dead and cold heart") is even worse. So, if someone is not interested in politics, that is okay as long as it is a kind-hearted person that would never want to directly hurt anyone. Often, I am mad about hedonists' mindlessness, but this song reminds me that at least they have good intentions, even if their philosophy is incoherent. In other words: It could be worse, cheer up!

    You feel bad, right? You "embrace the sorrow", don't you? Never mind. Eventually all will work out. "Sometimes you must embrace the sorrow to receive the cleansing", to feel better.

    This scheme is visible throughout the whole song. Neaera are saying that "letting go", "embracing the darkness/sorrow", traveling through "seas of suffering and pain" and "valleys of death and unlight" etc. is all just part of life and will most likely lead to their good counterparts like to "keep holding tight", "seek light" [and find it] and arrive at the "shores of jail" and "woods of harmony".

    They also conclude why all this pain is necessary (compare: "The Need For Pain" by Neaera): "If there was no darkness, how could we see the light?" Only by experiencing the bad we can get to know the good (logically also vice versa), as all perception is merely based on contrasts.

    So, if you feel bad one day, just listen to this song. You will feel better. At least it helped me a lot of times. After all, this pain may not be as grave as first thought - and even if, it is a necessary part of life that opens the doors to enlightment.
    Sushimitzuon August 11, 2011   Link
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    Song Meaning"Sometimes You Must Embrace the Darkness
    When You Seek Light
    Sometimes You Must Let Go
    To Keep Holding Tight"

    "Sometimes You Must Embrace the Sorrow
    To Recieve the Cleansing"

    To me, that's pretty much sums up the meaning of the song. It means that you have to experiance the bad things to truely appreciate the better things in life.
    It's simple yet but amazing.

    Dishinkeon February 07, 2009   Link

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