Talking:"You see Em, I ain't nothing without you, baby. I love you so much. Come sit my lap and secretly 'take it'."

Yo, dawg i owe it all to my man.
He's the one and only grand.
I stick him in his behind
Every night in bed we rewind.
Play fight undercovers.
We are the best gay lovers.
Want a 'nother pillow?
Bite extra soft.
Come on Em', do you know how much this pillow's gonna cost?
If it's too much my gay love will be lost.
Aight now lay back lay down.
Let my dick take you to town.
Relax baby, it's normal.
I love you. Let me rub you.
Suck each others? Like brothers?
When we fuck each others mothers?
Are you ready Slim, lets feel the wind!

Em, baby youre the best.
I love it when you touch my chest.
I love it when you nibble my nipples.
Squeeze lemons on these babies.
Make mexican babies.
With rainbow hair.
Come on Em, your wife won't care.

The secret the one.
Is me and Em make ice cream.
Can't you hear him scream?
Stick it up far, like when I drive a car.
Em you're too tight, please let's not fight.
Loosen up, so we can butt fuck.
Lemme fix it baby.
God our love's so crazy.
Em don't be lazy, come on let's play.
Nobody ahs to know we're gay.
We can do this... Everyday.
Getting mayonaise on the walls.
I can hear the calls.
Are you cheating baby?
With another lady?
Well guess what Em? FUCK YOU!
I found me another man.
His is so big it can't fit in a can.
So take your dick and shove it in the sand.
Fuck you Em.
Come on Charlie lets fuck.
Then next we can suck.
Ok 50, let's not get shitty.
Sloppy gay sex turns me off.
But when I suck your dick I cough.
You give me the flu, it's always me and you.


Talking:"See boy, it's okay bitch. Watch this nigga suck my dick. Go Charlie.*Slurping sounds*. See Em, you're a bitch!"

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