"Objects of My Affection" as written by and Peter/eriksson Moren....
I remember when, when I first moved here
A long time ago
'Cause I heard some song I used to hear back then
A lone time ago
I remember when, even further back
In another town
'Cause I saw something written I used to say back then
Hard to comprehend

And the question is, was I more alive
Then than I am now?
I happily have to disagree
I laugh more often now, I cry more often now
I am more me

But of cause some days, I just lie around
And hardly exist
And can't tell apart what I'm eating
From my hand or my wrist
'Cause flesh is flesh, flesh as flesh as flesh
The difference is thin
But life has a certain ability or beating new
Life into me
So I breathe it in
It says here we are, and we all are here
And you still can make sense
If you just show up and present an honest face
Instead of that grin

And the other day, this new friend of mine
Said something to me
Just because something starts differently
Doesn't mean it's worth less
And I soaked it in, how I soaked it in
How I soaked it in
And just as to prove how right he was
Then you came
So I'm gonna give, yes I'm gonna give
I'm gonna give you a try
So I'm gonna give, yes I'm gonna give
I'm gonna give you a try

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"Objects of My Affection" as written by Peter/eriksson Moren

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    Lyric Correction"But of course some days, I just lie around
    And hardly exist,
    And can't tell apart what I'm eating
    From my hand or my wrist.
    'Cause flesh is flesh, flesh is flesh is flesh,
    The difference is thin.
    But life has a certain ability of breathing new life into me,
    So I breathe it in.
    It says here we are, and we all are here,
    And it still can make sense,
    If you just show up and present an honest face,
    Instead of that grin."

    Favourite lyrics ever. Just as a note, the singer's name is Peter Moren, not Peter Bjorn. Bjorn is the bassist, John the drummer. They left a comma out of the band name! :L
    AmbroseCadwellon June 22, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis song is incredible. I heard it for the first time on Blog Radio (Brooklyn Vegan) on Sirius- Left Of Center. At first I listened a few times and thought it was a nice happy, catchy song. Then I listened closer to the lyrics and was blown away. I really felt like I could relate to the song... It was like what I had been feeling inside in my life and someone else had written it into a song.

    Here is my take:

    In the song Young Folks- Peter references past mistakes: "if i told you things i did before
    told you how i used to be
    would you go along with someone like me
    if you knew my story word for word
    had all of my history
    would you go along with someone like me"

    I believe in the first lines something (a song, etc.) familiar triggers memories of a past time before his regrets occured.
    "I remember when, when i first moved here,
    a long time ago,
    'cause i heard some song i used to hear back then,
    a lone time ago.
    i remember when, even further back,
    in another town,
    'cause i saw something written i used to say back then,
    hard to comprehend"

    In the chorus, he seems to have payed the price from his regrets and mistakes and is slowly coming to terms with them. He asks if he is happier now then he was before these things occured. Although, he had less regrets before the unfortunate event, he seems to have grown due to the experience and thus can say that he is now happier. He may cry (due to regrets) still, but he seems to appreciate life more (laughs more) and has found redemption, or the freedom in moving on. He also has "matured", and has a greater self-awareness, and has come to peace with himself ("I am more me"). Past regrets have not changed who he really is- only shown and encouraged him to be who he wants to be.

    The second verse shows the feeling of euphoria and freedom from moving on does fade at times, and it easy to fall back into a meloncholy state ("but of course some days, I just lie around and hardly exist..."). However, life provides exciting opportunities for new relationships and adventures that renew us and make us keep growing and trying- ("but life has a certian ability or breating new
    life into me,
    so i breathe it in.")

    I'm not sure about the last line- ("and you still can make sense,
    if you just show up and present an honest face,
    instead of that grin.") I think he is saying that being honest, instead of faking being happy, is the way to go. It helps build deeper relationships- People ask How are you? not really wanting a truthful answer. They just want to hear "I'm good." He is saying give a truthful answer, and listen to others' "answers".

    I believe the last verse is fairly self-explanatory. Perhaps there is a new girl that has entered his life. It is a completely different situation than a prior relationship (that he may have enjoyed, but taken for granted, or just didn't work out);- thus possible regrets), and it may make him feel uncomfortable.
    The line "Just because it starts differently, doesn't mean its worth less"- seems to indicate that he really valued the prior relationship. Starting anew takes courage that is provided from his friend. He realizes that this relationship (perhaps the girl is very different- personality, etc.) could be what he is looking for and can expand his horizons. However, the past makes him hesitant. He decides however to give her and hope a try.

    Basically, it is a song about past regrets, redemption, new love... and hope.

    I hope this explanation is close to what Peter Bjorn actually was thinking about. I guess this is what it means to me.
    neah17068on January 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt's OBJECTS OF my affection. I believe some of the illegal copies floating around online misnamed this tract to DETECTS ON my affection.
    Pomaceouson January 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis is a great site. I love everyone's interpretations but I'm gonna extend it a bit more.

    The first Verse-The guy is looking back at some past things he used to do and those things made him happy. He doesn't exactly remember why they made him happy but they did.

    CHORUS-The guy maybe has went through a bad break up and then got depressed. He feels he can't move on but eventually does and feels better about things. He sees it has painful but a lesson learned in maturing as a person.He is not afraid to show his emotions and what he is feeling.

    2nd Verse-The lines that say lie around, hardly exist, can't tell apart, etc describe his depressive state and that it sometimes still catches him off guard. BUT when the line that says life has a certain ability is how the guy has a different outlook on life ever since. He admits that he still does get sad once in a while but he doesn't let it ruin his life. When people get hurt badly, they are afraid of getting hurt again and sometimes things aren't the same anymore. BUT HE sees that rather of being afraid, you should embrace these experiences(but life has a certian ability or breating new life into me, so i breathe it in) Also that you may have been hurt once but there is still hope for something better, but you can't turn your back on everyone either(and you still can make sense, if you just show up and present an honest face, instead of that grin.

    The Last Verse-After seeing life in a different way, he tries applying it. I particularly love the last verse . The main message is the line "Just because it starts differently, doesn't mean its worth less" Neah explained it pretty much although I wouldn't say that he is hesitant. He is just doing his best to move on and be happy and just hopes for the best. I would say this is not a song of regret, but rather a song of self redemption and hope. I would also say that it would be a post-break up song. The whole album is good too. I would say Up Against the Wall is more about regret.
    Martin_Pazon September 29, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song is amazing.
    ninjapirateon November 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentA song that is nothing short of amazing, there is nothing more I can say about it.
    stereo fanon November 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentSO good.
    icicleson November 30, 2006   Link
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    General Commenthaven't even heard the song.
    he's a broken hearted guy and somebody is trying to convince him to try love again.

    and its good to be single so you can be you.
    johnnymeowon December 09, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe name of this song is OBJECTS OF my affection.
    steakforchickenon January 09, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthmm, think it should be "and just as to prove how right you was, then you came."
    Mibon February 04, 2007   Link

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