"China White II" as written by and Schuylar Croom Mckenzie Bell....
Daughter: "Mother, father where did you go?
I hear the flowers as they speak below
Someone help me, I'm so afraid
The shape in the distance is coming my way"

"Oh, please come hold me," said the woman all covered in leaves
"He's come again
The man with the roses that grow from his hands"
I'm your gardener

"Mother, your poor hands
The better to hold yours again
And where did he go?"
I am him, my love
Watch my garden grow

Little girl, standing there
With your daddy's skin and your momma's hair
I'll have you know I will feed them to my roses and you're next

I am the noises you hear when you're in bed
And I'll be the last face that you see before you're dead
With your father gone and your mom in chains, I have time to sleep in late
Your mother never looked so good
Your daddy should of brought his gun
Now sleep child, just sleep
And when you wake you will grow at my feet
Yes, when you wake you'll be beautiful again

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"China White II" as written by Schuylar Croom Mckenzie Bell


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    General Commentobviously the sequel to "china white". i'm not exactly sure, but there are some obvious correlations between the two songs:
    china white - "i can't wait to sleep in late"
    china white II - "with your father gone and your mom in chains, i have time to sleep in late"
    china white - "you'd better get your gun"
    china white II - "your daddy should've brought his gun"

    if i were to take a stab at it.... the first one i feel is more of a revenge piece, from the point of view of the gardener. this one is initially from the point of view of the little girl and the mother, and then back to the gardener. perhaps something to do with slavery, since HIL is from NC. obviously in this one, he's killed their father, "i hear the flowers as they speak below" and imprisoned the mother, and plans to kill the young girl as well. "when you wake you will grow at my feet". i particularly enjoy the imagery these lyrics portray, especially the line "the man with the roses that grow from his hands". this song is very sinister, and that line portrays a very dark, almost supernatural villian figure. but then again... i could be all wrong about this whole thing, haha, it is open to interpretation.
    rockbass819on October 12, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti think you are right rockbass!
    and i also think, that China White I is the background for this piece. In one he warns the family more or less and speaks about his flowers and that they are important for him [the gardener].
    Another image that i see is the Gardener as the Death.
    The one who takes care of the graves and brings them flowers so he's the gardener...
    But like u said, it's open ;)
    I Am Legendon November 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHe sees the girl as fertilizer for his growing garden? HAHA! I'm with you, rockbass. This song's imagery is just outta this world.

    Great song by a great band.
    XBFNoodleson December 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt so sinister sounding.... I would love to have a commentary from Schuylar as to what these songs mean. I this guardener has gone mad and in his paranoia kills this family... I don't know its fn scary!!
    niceguyposeon December 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt sounds like the gardener is obsessed with his "flowers" (particularily roses), and when it doesn't rain, he gets pissed and starts killing this family... That's what I take from it, although the flowers/garden could represent just about anything
    djewellon January 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI picture this being a schizophrenic man in love with this girl. The old man and his son from the first song are his other personalities, and he's warning this girl to get a gun because he doesn't trust himself. From the first song "i don't understand why i sleep all day and start to complain when there's no rain." I think he's killed people and put them in his garden, the times when he's sleeping all day are when his other personalities are in control. I don't think this song is chronologically furthered than the first, more like a further exploration of the theme. "When you wake you will grow at my feet." This really tips me off that he's talking about this girl's remains being used in his garden, and he's seeing these roses as a reincarnation of sorts.

    One of my favorite songs on the cd, and a great example of what a stunning lyricist this guy is.
    filthyon January 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI believe hes telling them in china white 1 to be aware of the gardener, and to buy and bring your gun to where the gardener is because he is going to kill them.

    in china white 2, its the gardener, and they didnt take the warning so he kills the dad, imprisons the mom, and is kidnapping the daughter.

    thats what i see out of it, but then again im probably wrong, its a great song though
    mattmc320on February 10, 2007   Link
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    General Comment(Adding to my last comment)

    According to Wikipedia; Both the China White songs are roughly based on a myth where a man marries a woman and the woman dies. The man buys their dream home, cremates his wife and then buries the ashes and makes a garden where the ashes are.
    "when you wake you'll be beautiful again."
    The flowers that grow in this garden represent the memory of the man's wife.
    djewellon March 30, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti agree with the comment above mine^^ about the myth. i think the husband cremated the wife and made a garden where her ashes were. and i also agree that the man/gardener is crazy and has more than one personality. i think that the gardener IS the father! like in china white 1, when he says "Im your gardener." it would make sense that in the 1st one the dad is saying that to the wife. he is her gardener cuz she is under his garden!!!! but in the second one when he says, "with your father GONE, it doesnt say he died, he possibly could of if his other personality "died." but this makes sense to me.

    could b totally off tho. just makes sense to me.
    IAmYourGardeneron April 27, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti just think that the husanband went crazy after his wife died. and he is now the gardener.
    IAmYourGardeneron April 27, 2007   Link

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