"Prediction Of Warfare" as written by and Johan Soderberg Fredrick Andersson....
Ships were prepared
Weapons and shields
Sails were raised
We're heading out to sea!

Norway just a bed in the east
Our journey had begun
Helpfull winds gave us our speed
Under a warming sun

Heading to the emerald land
A fleet of 50 ships
A army of 2000 men, led by the king

Army arising, dark and ferous
Horror across the black roads
As the night rolled in over us
We felt the wrath of the storm

That night I was haunted by dreams
An omen, of what was to come
The serpent arose from the sea

Ready to strike
With hammer in hand
The serpent in pain, twisting in furious rage!
Fought for its live
The serpent escaped
Thor was in rage
..My dreams began to fade..

Awoke of my dreams
Sword in my hand
The break of dawn
Closing in on Irish land
Time to attack
Grabbed our shields
We came ashore
And saw the waiting horde

The fight was short and deadly intense
The Irish fought us well
But as we gained the upperhand
Their fighting spirit dwelled

Ready to strike
With swords in our hands
The struggle with heart
The Irish fell to our wrath
Fought for his live
The king escaped
With fury divine
King Olav threw his sword

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    General CommentWhat is the last line "King Olav threw his sword" supposed to imply?
    heartbeats_xxxon December 25, 2006   Link
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    General Commentline 5....Norway disapeared in the east
    line 12....On the horizon dark clouds arose
    king olav throws his sword at the other king basiacaly showing their complete victory
    god_fryon December 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentActually Olav is throwing his sword because he's angry that the Irish king escaped, just like Thor was enraged that Jorgmundr escaped in the dream.
    Demonoidon June 17, 2007   Link
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    General Comment@ anyone: Does anybody know which Olav this is referring to? there are at least five Olav King of Norway's, but one of them is a saint and another two are married to Irish Princesses.
    jabberBoton February 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe song refers to the Battle of Swold. As wikipedia explains:

    "Both his Wendish and his Irish wife had brought Olaf wealth and good fortune, but, according to the sagas, Thyre was his undoing, for it was on an expedition undertaken in the year 1000 to wrest her lands from Burislav that he was waylaid off the island Svold, by the combined Swedish, Danish and Wendish fleets, together with the ships of Earl Haakon's sons. The Battle of Swold ended in the death of the Norwegian king. Olaf fought to the last on his great vessel the "Long Serpent" (Ormrinn Langi), the mightiest ship in the North, and finally leapt overboard and was seen no more."

    It's easy to see how it fits in with the warriors omen of the serpent escaping
    starsid3on October 09, 2012   Link

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