That night we were able feel each other, turned freezing cold
Deeply slumbering, to the depths of release

The feeling, is a strange sensation far removed from me
Days that seemed so beautiful, in the poison flower garden

From that day I felt such extreme aggravation onward,
I've been looking for someone else.

That night it all fell apart will never be again
Everytime I meet you, I've lied.
Because now I'm so far removed from there.

The fact that I can't love you anymore
Weighs heavilly on me, tortures and saddens me
The night was too long, it pains me

The accident which happened to you, causes me concern
Unable to say any words of comfort, I cooled to you
I was there.

If you don't care that it's not for real, I'll hold you
For you, I looked as much as you wanted

While getting fucked by someone else...

So that I can be even just a little closer to you,
Even if its not real, I stifled my heart for now

That first and final night has passed
You pretended not to know until the very end

Lyrics submitted by frenchiexxx

Erode (English) song meanings
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    General CommentKyo writes alot of love songs for some sadomazo dude ne?
    fuckerfamilyon December 18, 2006   Link
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    General Commentand you think its not possible for a sadomazo to love? feh, ill stop right now...

    anyways, this seems to be a very sad song (a duh statement i know) i would love to hear it
    gaaragirl13nesson June 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWell, this is all MY interpretation, so lord knows it's probably gonna be really off, but lets give it a shot even tho this seems blatantly obvious

    This song seems to be about someone being in a relationship, (obviously) and that the narrator doesn't care about the person they are with at all because he's lied too much to even be fully invested in the relationship. The narrator is just completely fake to the one he's with. He's not really in the relationship because his significant other doesn't really know who he is. The SO knows he's being fake but doesn't care because the image is so nice. The narrator basically doesn't care about the one he's with (although he used to) but now he's looking for someone else.

    I'm sorry that was really ramble-y Dx
    Wrist.cut.showon July 19, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI wouldn't say he doesn't care. It looks more like he wants to make the person he's with feel better but admits to being "distracted" by his affair and that he's only being nice to the significant other he's supposed to be with so he doesn't feel so guilty.

    Reminds me a lot of Yokan, where apparently the narrator cares a lot less.
    Hextatoron May 16, 2011   Link

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