Hate the reflection that I see
Wish I could claw... away... my skin

Demons wont let me flee, my minds tragedy
Dont label me, not a minority
Society created me

First cuts the neatest, I didn´t feel a thing
Don´t show me your pity
Second cuts the deepest, a release from within
Don´t try to analise me

Carve pretty pictures of hatred
Avert your eyes, my artwork doesn´t lie

Refuse to acknowledge me
I´m not what you want to see
So inject & study me
Pump me with hypocrisy

Third cuts the longest, I just lost controll
No doctor can save me
Forth cuts the boldest, I´ve an eye for detail
Don´t try to admit me

My condition has no name
It´s not like im insain
Re-direct your empathy

My bodies my vengance
I´m addicted to pain
No one understands me

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    General CommentMaybe she hates what society has made of her, and she just wants to end her life because no one can save her from this life? My opinion on this song.
    EkulTeabagon November 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song in my opinion has to deal with self injury, and how she feels like an outcast because of it. She doesn't want anyone to know what she does or how she feels. Like where it says:
    Don't try to admit me - It seems like someone knows about what she has been doing, but they just don't understand why she does it. I don't think she even understands.
    Glisteningstarfireon December 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think she pretty much just hates herself and her life so she's become addicted to self harming. "Carve pretty pictures of hatred" She's drawing into her skin the things she hates and have brought her hate upon her. The more she does it the more addicted she gets and she eventually ends up beyond help from it. "Third cuts the longest, I just lost control No doctor can save me" She is even beyond professional help now; or maybe she feels she's beyond any sort of help. I also think she wants people to leave her alone and not to judge or pity her for what she's doing. AKA "Don't try to analyse me" and "It's not like I'm insane. Re-direct your empathy"

    LRainbowon September 26, 2009   Link

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