You'll twist and turn your spite
Till you drain the sane
Cover up your track's with lie's
Deceit hide's a smile

So tired of this false pretence
Can't even look me in the eye
Approached by truth, you take offence
Praise the hypocrite!

I'll dance on your grave until my feet bleed
Six feet unders, where you'll rot
No remorse, your ill fate kept you running

What lie's behind close door's
Your slave's dance, you stamp your feet
Secrecy will land you on your face
No game, no gain

Your sheer presence make's my skin crawl
But your stale memory drag's on

What goes around, comes around

I'll dance on your grave until my feet bleed
Six feet unders where you'll rot
No remorse, your ill fate kept you running

We'll spit on your grave until your soul scream's
Six feet unders not deep enough
No sleep lost, good thing's come to those who wait

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Six Feet Under's Not Deep Enough song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is about priests using their power to inflict their beliefs upon their followers while they hide behind "God". I put God into quotations because that's who they want you to belive in and "Approached by truth, you take offense" Really, have you seen much breakthroughs or uncoverings in the news that pertains to God's existence. Sure they may find some artifacts every now and then and they can just claim it's blibical. But is that really good enough for you? And the bible...come on! You know how old that thing is? How many fricken times it's been translated? If you've ever taken a foreign language and had to look for another way to say something because you couldn't say it the way you wanted to in the other language, you'll know what I'm getting at. Lost in translation. And also we're talking about a book written 2000+ years ago by people trying to explain the world to themselves. Their knowledge of most things was purely speculation. The world used to be flat, remember that? Look how far technology has come...and we still rely on this ancient book.
    Anyways, enough about that. I think this song is about lying, hypocritical priests hiding behind God and how six feet under won't be deep enough to shut them up. Thus the phrase "But your stale memory drags on".
    scotty33188on December 16, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti think its about celebrating the death of the person you hate the most. i could be wrong
    jpsurwicon August 18, 2007   Link

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