looking past branches
past fresh mown grass
dirt licking my elbows
I watch his hand move
up up up her dress
don't run away from me now
don't run away from me now

she’s down on the ground
she gives the boy smile
I think of you I think of that
man all the while
you see my dreams
are filled with him
his face shows up on on
in my favorite Danish
don’t run away from me now
don’t run away from me now

she’s willing
just breathe
willing one day I’ll be

sail through my ears
I heard you fine the first time
‘time to let it go’
time to give my gun a nice
surprise surprise

wiling. just breathe
willing. peeping tommi

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Peeping Tommi song meanings
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    General CommentA gorgeous song from Tori.
    Poetic_Mystiqueon January 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think that Tori meant the song to be about how she can't get over the rape when she has sex and the guy she is with doesn't understand. So when she has sex maybe it is like she is watching the guy and someone else having sex.

    To me though it is about watching a boy that you are obsessed with having sex with a different girl, and when you sleep with other guys you just keep thinking about him and seeing him in yr food. The guy that loves her is saying "you need to get over him" but she can't. The part about giving her gun a surprise is about shooting them.
    xcatson July 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentShe says "willing peeping tommi" and "I think of you, I think of that man all the while" which could refer to her wanting to be more comfortable with her sexuality. Although she IS a lot more comfortable with sex than most out there. It also seems to be about wanting the same passion as other couples/partners when they make love. Or just a song about spying. Any way, a fantastic song.
    Poetic_Mystiqueon July 24, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"She's willing. Just breathe.

    Willing - one day I’ll be..."

    The way she sings this line, I do think she is talking about the rape.
    Poetic_Mystiqueon January 03, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"Don't run away from me now" seems to be her coaching herself, telling herself that she doesn't need to disconnect from the sexual experience because she's safe. But no matter how much she tells herself that it's okay, all she can see is the rapist. She can't like the things she used to like because it's all been tainted by the man who raped her. "She's willing" seems to be addressing that some of her is okay with what's going on but is still a little tentative. "Time to let it go. Time to give my gun a nice surprise" (if the gun was the man in Me And A Gun) then the surprise would be that she's going to move forward, tell the memory of the rape to fuck off. By the end, she's realized she can do it, she's safe.

    I found that tracking the progression of Me And A Gun to Peeping Tommi to Baker Baker to Never Seen the Blue, you get the story of a woman who was raped, began recovering, got scared, and then was shown that it's time for her to step back into her skin and live her life. I think it's kind of cool.
    thespianicismon August 01, 2009   Link

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