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i want you to stay the way you are
skinny legs and all
i know the time is coming
when the boys will begin to call
i wish that i could hurt for you
when you are learning how to fall

you are the reason that i am alive today
you are the reason that i have changed my life
in a wonderful way

i can see the passion
that is growing inside of you

i can see the sadness
that throws a shadow down
on everything you do

i wish i was the man
you thought i was
back when life was new for you

dont know what its like
to feel a
love like this

you don't
know what it's like
to feel this kind of helplessness

you don't
know what it's like
to be weak

i hope you never know

i dont want you to be like me

i want you
to be clean


you are going to find a reason to hate me someday
you are going to find a reason to push me away
you are going to find reasons to blame me for your pain

i hope you never lose the magic
that is big inside of you

i hope you never do
the ridiculous things
that i used to do

i hope you never know my disease....

never being good enough

i don't want you to be like me

i want you to be clean

i want you to be clean

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    General CommentEverclear has been one of my favorite bands ever since I can remember. I still prefer early Everclear (first 3 albums), but I love the way they've matured over the years. The way Art puts himself out there on every album just makes you feel like you know him and can relate to him. He's what keeps me coming back for more.. even though I do miss Craig and Greg on the new album.

    Anyway, this song is definitly one of my favorites on 'Welcome to the Drama Club.' I'd have to say it's about Annabella. Art doesn't want to see her go through all the things that he went through, and if he could save her from knowing pain, he would (like any parent). He wants her to stay a happy, carefree kid. He wants her to be "clean," and to not grow up knowing the hardtimes of life.

    I can't help but think of my (much) younger siblings when I hear this song. I would do so much to save them from pain. I would never want them to "know my disease" or the bad things I've gone through. I want them to be clean.
    nervous_and_weirdon October 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think it is about his daughter. Being a father of a daughter, it has already made me cry a few times just listening to it
    FireMapleLifeon October 12, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBE: I always wanted to ask about "Pale Green Stars" from Sparkle and Fade, my favorite Everclear tune. Is that about something real, fictitious, or a blend of ideas?

    AA: It's real. My daughter's name is Anna, and originally I recorded it with her name. Her mom, my significant other at the time, said it was too personal, I couldn't do the song. I said, "I could change the name" to Amanda, and she said, "Okay." There's perspective on Anna throughout all my writing. "Wonderful" is about going through a divorce, "Annabella's Song" is about her, and on the new record there's a song called "Clean," about her becoming a young lady. She's my priority in life, always has been. She's the reason I'm still alive, in a lot of ways. She's kept me from doing a lot of self-destructive things, getting wrapped up in my own misery.
    minxxxon January 07, 2007   Link

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