Without a queen the locust swarm
Turned the ground to black
Descending like a shadow of a tower on a fish's back
And scattered the sticks who crawled
Like snakes in the sand
As the red clay took the form of a lizard
Who rushed like a moth to the flame of my open hand

[In my little world, in my sad little world]
Then a speckled bird humbly inspired
Ran across the road when it could have flown
And it made me smile
And at the water's edge, Babylon
As we laid and slept
The river wept for you, Zion!
The stones cry out,
Bells shake the sky
All creation groans...


Listen to it!

Messes of men in farmer poverty;
Not much for monks but we pretend to be
We share a silent meal and a pot of chamomile
Gypsies like us should be stamped in solidarity
And I held you in my fond but distant memory
While waiting for the Mother Hen to gather me
Who regretfully wrote,

"You have a decent ear for notes
But you can't yet appreciate harmony."

O' porcupine perched low in the tree
Your eyes to mine:

"You'd be well inclined not to mess with me."

And at the garden's edge beneath a speechless sky
As his friends all slept
Jesus wept — and its no wonder why
You wanna be set free?
You wanna set me free?
Well I'm told that can only come from
A union with the One who never dies

[ in my little world
In my sad, little world
I patched a plaster wall in my little world
And in my little world, I was waiting (just dying!)
To take offence at something in my little world
In my little world
In my sad, little world
This is all there is in my little world.]

In darkness a light shines
On you and on me

I never gathered figs from a thorny branch,
I never picked a grapefruit off a bramble bush
And for the past five — almost six years now! —
You know you haven't once looked at me
With kindness in your eyes
You say Judas is a brother of mine?
Oh, but sister in our darkness a light shines
And all I ever want to say for the rest of my life
Is how that light is God,
And though I've been mistaken on this or that point,
That light is God.

Lyrics submitted by theriverwept, edited by Proodesta, drummerboypbc

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    General Commentjeremy is saying "i want to say" and "that light is g-d"
    you fail meon December 10, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"a speckled bird humbly inspired ran across the road when it could have flown" this line reminds me of Jesus' death on the cross and His self-restraint. How He was mocked and told to save Himself if He really was who He said He was. Instead, He took our punishment.
    johnstanggon March 09, 2010   Link
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    General CommentHey, some lyrics are better than none.

    Amazing song. The end is incredible.
    whatchamacallmeon September 12, 2006   Link
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    General CommentA misinterpretation of a few lyrics on this album could change the meaning of the album as a whole, especially on a song as climatic as this one.
    Knife2aGunFighton September 12, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThese lyrics are WAY wrong. =\
    nightfalllon September 13, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwould you zion, STONES cry out
    thejones2on September 14, 2006   Link
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    General Commentman, at least i gave it my best shot. i really dont think i should be criticized for that. i think its fun, and i honestly dont think i did that bad until the end where there are overlapping vocals. now seriously, if you do nothing all day but come on here and make fun of a person because they dont sit around and decifer lyrics for a living, you need to get a life. i just love mewithoutyou and i thought id try and contribute a little to a song no one obviously had any idea what it said.

    and i seriously doubt that aaron cares what i think his lyrics are...much less some annonymous "scene kid" on the internet with a username such as yours.
    theriverwepton September 14, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwaiting for the MOTHER HEN to gather me

    o, porcupine, LOW in the tree

    also, if you want to see this live, go here youtube.com/…
    thejones2on September 14, 2006   Link
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    General Commenthaha I enjoy trying to decifer lyrics as well, however this song is damn near impossible to do so with the entire song. The band just recently put a message on their myspace about how they were sad we didn't wait and read along with the lyrics with the artwork.

    I could have just as easily sat there and pumped out what I thought were the lyrics and left major parts out, but I didn't because I knew I'd eff them up.

    Don't worry about it, just make sure you come back and fix them, I want to read the real ones. Beautiful song.

    haha "scene kid"
    *shakes fist at sky*
    Knife2aGunFighton September 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis thread of comments is full of ignorance. Stop making a mountain out of an anthill - at least theriverwept tried. Even if some of the lyrics were wrong, that's what this website is for also - to correct them so, if you want, you can further figure out it's meaning. As whatchamacallme said - some lyrics are better than none.

    I cannot wait until September 26th to hold this accomplishment in my hands. It's definitely my most anticipated album for 2006.
    andreaaaaon September 16, 2006   Link

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