heh heh heh...

ryan fucking stinks!
ryan fucking stinks!
wash yr fucking feet!
wash yr fucking hair!

i wanna fucking spray you with axe deodorant spray!
you stupid motherfucker!

(don't breathe on me you make me sick,
you must be suckin' donkey dick!)

ryan fucking wash yr motherfucking hair
i know you don't fucking care
but you fucking stink!
ryan, you fucking stink!

(put those shitty shoes outside,
yr fuckin' aroma makes me wanna die!)

yeahhh, ryan! you fucking stink!
ryan! you fucking stink!
ryan! stewart! you fucking stink!

heh heh heh...

(get out of my house!)

heh heh heh...

(i'm gettin' nauseated)

ryan! you fuckin stink!
ryan you smell like my fucking asshole!
my fucking asshole!
my fucking asshole!
my fucking asshole!

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