Honey, you are my shining star
Don't you go away
Wanna be right here where you are
until my dying day

So many have tried, tried to find
a love like yours and mine

Girl, don't you realize
how you hypnotize?
Make me, love you more each time

Honey I'll never leave you lonely
Give my love to you only
to you only, to you on - ly

Honey, you are my shining star.
Don't you go away.
Wanna be right here where you are
until my dying day.

Feels so good when we're lying here next to each other,
lost in love.

Baby, when we touch, love you so much.
You're all I ever dreamed of.

Honey I'll never leave you lonely;
give my love to you only,
to you only, to you only.

Honey, you are my shining star.
Don't you go away.
Wanna be right here where you are
until my dying day

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    General Commenthmm this site definitely needs more comments for the old school soul classics
    audioaxeson November 07, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song won a grammy with good reason
    i remember when it came out and it takes me back to such a great time in music
    a time in music when there was still such a thing as love and respect in music (gee i wonder what happened to that !!!!)
    i still love listening to it over and over again
    its just the perfect song to tell someone you truely love them and want to be near them
    (smiles) what woman could say no to a man playing this song on one knee holding something gold and shining?
    this song shows people that a woman is something to be loved and treated with kindness and respect and meant to be deeply loved
    johnldewateron September 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI am so glad someone even wrote a song with such beauty and meaning. It is nice that although music isn't this anymore, it was once magnificent. I am actually only 18 years old. But, this song means so much to me. I grew up listening to this type of great music. My now deceased father played this song and he loved it dearly. I fell in love with song at a young age and I will always love it.

    This song is so sweet and I agree that is takes you back to a time when respect and love were a part of music. Now, it is very messed and shallow. But, the new type of music makes us appreciate great songs like this more.

    The theme is a man talking about a woman he cares about greatly. He is telling her that she is his light and hope in life (shinning star). If she leaves him or fell out of love with him he would be lost and heartbroken. He wants to love her forever.
    OneNOnlyNatieon October 29, 2010   Link

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