"The Ghost In You" as written by and Richard/butler Butler....
A man in my shoes runs a light
And all the papers lied tonight
But falling over you
Is the news of the day
Angels fall like rain
And love is all of heaven away
Inside you the time moves

And she don't fade
The ghost in you
She don't fade
Inside you the time moves
And she don't fade

A race is on I'm on your side
And hearing you my engines die
I'm in a mood for you
For running away
Stars come down in you
And love, you can't give it away
Inside you the time moves

And she don't fade
The ghost in you
She don't fade
Inside you the time moves
And she don't fade

Don't you go
It makes no sense
When all your talking supermen
Just take away the time
And get in the way
Ain't it just like rain
And love, is only heaven away
Inside you the time moves

And she don't fade
The ghost in you
She don't fade
Inside you the time moves
And she don't fade

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"The Ghost in You" as written by Timothy Butler Richard Lofthouse Butler

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    General CommentA beautiful song.
    Thia007on November 15, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI'm just going on a whim here, but I think it's about a girl he used to love, she might be dead or alive, and the thought of her won't "fade."

    The race might be time trying to take those feelings away from him but he'll always be "on her side."

    Those supermen could be other men trying to woo her away and just getting in the way.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts. Amazing song by the Furs. Love their stuff.
    nikkopotamuson September 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is a song that can be interpreted many ways it seems. When I first heard it, I thought it was a love song. Admittedly, I did not know all the lyrics, and still question some of them now.

    I love "furrealgirl"'s interpretation too, but it seems from my recent experience, this song means this...

    A man in my shoes runs a light = Guy discovered there was another lover competing for her
    All the papers lied tonight = All the love letters were a lie
    But falling over you is the news of the day = re-iterating the surprise he felt that someone else loved her

    Angels fall like rain = Love from her was "heaven", now it's gone, so angels fall...
    love is all of heaven away = heaven was love, and so now love seems so far away...

    inside you the time moves and she don't fade = we find that he is thinking of the past... time has passed (moved on), but her memory is still there
    the ghost in you she don't fade = once again, the memories don't fade

    the race is on i'm on your side = back then he was competing for her...just like the first line of "runs a light"...competition for her...racing for her...
    hearing you my engines die = he drops everything whenever he hears from her
    i'm in a mood for you = he loves her or...
    (for/or..i think "or") running away = ...or wants to run away from the pain...notice how he says this a little sadly...like he feels sad that a love can hurt so much when it's not returned, so you want to run away....

    stars come down in you = since there is no "heaven", even the stars fall, but she still looked heavenly
    love you can't give it away = but she still won't give him love

    don't you go it makes no sense = pleading : don't leave me

    when all your "talk of supermen" just take away the time = talking about guys better him just takes away time from me trying to win you back
    when all your "talking supermen" just take away the time = other so called "better" guys competing for her takes away time from him trying to win her back

    and get in the way = notice how he says this...like he's been pleading for her to come back, but then says this line like he just now realizes at that moment that he has no hope no matter what he says...

    ain't it just like rain = so he cries, tears cuz he realizes there is no hope
    love is only heaven away = love for her was heaven, now it's not there and so love is far away....

    So this is a song of a guy reminiscing of a failed love, and the spirit of what he loved in her will not go away....
    vickunon May 05, 2011   Link
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    General Commentpure and simple - it's a love song.
    peacefrogxon June 29, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI think he's talking about her spirit or soul, which indeed wouldn't fade at all.
    JohnDiFool2on July 08, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThey lyrics as they're stated today are wrong. I've submitted a correction.

    Plain and simple, as many of you have stated, this song is about having been in love with someone who never leaves your memory.. "She's living in you" -

    This song was so prophetic on a personal level in my personal life that part of the lyrics were incorporated into a tattoo i created, about the love of my life .. from 30 years ago. She still remains my angel that is 'all of heaven away'.
    Ritzytraileron April 10, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song makes me cry .
    The guy was is heartbroken but still stuck on this girl. Time is moving but his love is not fading away …. Hearing you my engines die ….even after breaking/so much time she has a physical affect on him..like his engines dies..
    baitnswitchon February 23, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationA man in my shoes runs a light and all the papers lied tonight
    but falling over you is the news of the day...

    The meaning is clear in this song and Richard Butler is possibly
    a psychic. His song, written in 1984, predicts, in a way, the
    Princess Diana paparazzi tragedy by more than a decade.

    "A man in my shoes" means the author is a celebrity who made a
    faux pas which was exaggerated by the press/paparazzi. Yet,
    his girlfriend is an EVEN BIGGER celebrity than he is, so much so,
    that the press story about him is minor in comparison to the news
    coverage she is getting. Which leads him to describe that it is
    impossible for him as a celebrity to have ANY relationship with
    any female because his celebrity gets in the way, or theirs does.
    In fact, "Angels fall like rain and love is all of heaven away."
    So, what the author is left with, is what COULD have been. And,
    because memories don't necessarily fade and they definitely don't
    age, nor can they cry--because they are not real--"inside you the
    time moves and she don't fade, the ghost in you she don't fade".
    Since he is a celebrity, he can only wish for a real relationship
    and have memories of the women he would have liked to love but
    instead watch them as they too are managed by their agents and their
    SSHalo1989on September 29, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI don't see this beautifully poetic song as a love song, but as a deep song about loss and time passing. It seems to be about somebody who has died or become unreachable.

    Referring to the daily news, he indicates that falling over someone, possibly reading about her in the papers, is his news. This point suggests an unexpected encounter with somebody that prompted poetic feelings. Angels fall like rain, and love is unreachable. Perhaps, an old friend has died.

    Time within her (us) moves, but the ghost within her (us) doesn't fade.

    He's on the side of someone, but it also takes him down, making him ambivalent between her or running away. She's somebody special, but love . . . he can't even give it away.

    He's not going to something, and urging somebody not to go, possibly to a funeral, because the talk and supermen waste time and get in the way of truth. Tears, perhaps, are like rain, and love is only heaven away.
    patrickrwuon November 13, 2015   Link
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    My OpinionIt feels that the girl is haunting him in his mind. It is an image created by the singer in his mind (about a girl who does not emotionally reciprocate in real life.) This song is about unrequited love.
    slow_downon March 05, 2016   Link

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