"Some Crap About the Future" as written by and Alexander P Kane Benjamin P Cooper....
You spread your rusty fingers across the ledge.
You get your coat and peer down over the edge.
You watch the city move and breathe and migrate.
You're not a part of it,
You're broken now like us.

I turn and brush the birds from off my shoulders,
And cross sidewalks with an earful of white noise.

You sit up on your perch for the rest of the night.
You watch the moon and hope the damn thing crumbles.
You count the stars reflecting in the windows,
And then you realize just how minimal you are.

I stop and watch the airplanes leave the city
And I silently wish I was on one.

You sit downtown and watch yourself in the glass.
You reach inside and tear out all your cables;
Snakes of smoke are dripping from your fingers
You have no body- just a cage to hold your parts.

I have no answers; I'm rambling.
I was never one to solve whatever has gone wrong.

You lie down on the roof and watch the sunrise.
It's burning fingers rummage through your insides,
And for a moment you feel like you're alive,
And then it's gone so you get up,
up, up, up,

Baby, there's blood on the sidewalks of this town
They've got, they've got us,
they've got us on the ropes,
But we don't have to take it lying down anymore
Our hands aren't tied now.

Down, down, baby,
Down in the center of this town
We've got, we've got em,
We've got em buried deep
Under layers of concrete are the bones of the past

Oh no, no,
We'll leave on the evening train
Won't be long but it feels that way
But home never meant very much to us anyway
So we convince ourselves that we're better off gone
And maybe we're right

And we collapse on a road-
On a old dirt road
Where the sun doesn't look like such a waste.
And we fall asleep under leaves
Off a couple of them nearby trees
And we never wake again.
Never again...
No, never again.
No, never again.

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    General CommentReally like this song--really like the whole album.

    This song is consistent with the motif of the album, that of an anesthetized future where the human artifice (industry, technological dependence, global conformity and assimilation) pollutes the human persons sense of humanity.

    It seems like the first part of the song presents two characters: "you" in stanzas 1,3,5,7 and "I" in stanzas 2,4,6. At first they seem to be isolated from each other. However, the fact that the speaker, "I", addresses the second character as "you" suggests that they know or have known each other in some capacity prior to the events of this song.

    "You" is separated from the city and feels alienated. Ironically, "you" is described as "broken"; the language "broken" denotes mechanization which contrasts the eventual escape away from the mechanical city and into nature.

    "I" appears to at least be attempting to shrug off his anxiety he feels in the city. The birds, representative of nature, are brushed away. This suggests the idea that the model citizen of this future age is encouraged to avoid--perhaps even detest--nature in favor of the desensitized mechanical artifice. However, like "you", "I" cannot avoid an oppressive anxiety seemingly caused by the "white noise" of the mindless and uniform human condition.

    That's all I can write for now... I'm passing out.

    Electric President is awesome.

    Thurberon November 30, 2009   Link
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    General Commentisn't it "I was never one to solve whatever has gone wrong?"
    15storieshighon October 13, 2006   Link
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    General Commentyeah, pretty sure it is "whatever has gone wrong"

    *peer down over the edge

    *an earful of white noise

    *there's blood on the sidewalks of this town
    they got
    they got us
    they got us on the ropes

    *under layers of concrete are the bones of the past

    but holy crap is this a great song.
    ct_accidentalon October 31, 2006   Link
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    General Commentmy god this song is beautiful. the ending is melancholy bliss.
    never again... no, never again.
    fastmotion123on November 16, 2007   Link
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    General Commentone of my favourite electric president songs, though I could never pick a single favourite, I like them all too much. this song sounds like a view of the future, the story of a couple dysfunctional attempts to put humans into mechanical bodies. it results in the people feeling broken, dead, and detached. one lays in the sun, and the warmth makes her feel almost alive again, but it's only temporary, and there's nothing left for them in the city, maybe because the majority of people don't mind the cold, or maybe because the failed attempts are hidden and suppressed to avoid scandal. people are so heartless. the two make a plan to leave and go to the country to lay down and die in the sun and the dirt and the leaves. maybe they'll feel closer to organic again.
    setsunamudou732on December 10, 2007   Link
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    Song MeaningIn my ears. This song is about the world in the future, when the only "living" thins on the surface of the earth is robots, though they can feel and love in the same way as we as humans do. In this way it's a love story about leaving a world that doesn't want you and finding somewhere to rest and just exist in happiness. The things that gives me this feeling:

    "You spread your rusty fingers across the ledge."

    No need to explain.

    "You're broken now like us."

    This part gives me a feeling that they are broken and therefore not wanted in the world.

    "You reach inside and tears out all your cables;
    Snakes of smoke are dripping from your fingers
    You have no body- just a cage to hold your parts."

    This part doesn't need explanation either.

    "Under layers of concrete are the bumps of the past"

    I don't know about this really, my first feeling was that the bumps were the humans that created them. I'm not sure what the bumps should indicate, but that's what they mean to me.

    Then as this is a electric president song it have got so much depth in the lyrics, I have to explain how I feel about this being a metaphor.

    The first verse is a metaphor for humans in our time that feel that they don't belong in a world that looks like the one we live in today. Humans that don't want to go to work, work, get home, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, therefore the feeling as if they are "broken", that they don't fit in the role that the world have for them.

    The third verse (the one with the inside of cables) is about the physical feeling of sadness, and the feeling of your mind being trapped in your body, not able to think clearly because of your brain being insufficient.

    I could go on all day long, but I think you get what I'm after. I really love the feeling in this song. I shall now listen to it for the tenth time in a row. Peace.
    ensamvargenon May 20, 2011   Link

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