Hello World. Start macho, stay macho. Change your energy. Dynamite is free, pick up ten boomerangs. Listen and learn you'll be alright.

Like that sour apple pucker off your head shot braniac
Ill take your elementals out from my ties at the crab shack
Im more often than not, off the beaten path
Digging a pit, making a net out of fallen leaves and a sewing kit
A frontiersman of sort
Trap, catch, kill to eat
Time for after school sports
lift the latch off the door
Look before you cross the street
both ways please
Check face mask create a weight
Fisherman feel the bass, filet the bass
You gotta make the moment last
I heard when I talk turkey L-tryptophan drips off my every word
Evacuate the premesis so my nemesis and I can remenisce on why he hit my soul mate with a railroad tie
I failed to see any correlation between
Your stolen circus bear and my grizzle bite vaccine
There arent anymore real penny candy stores
And our only hero left is to the rain outside his cabin door
Four score and seven years ago I had to short improve my humble pie recipe
The judge took a big bite
He washed it down with lemonade
I dried off the limelight Ooooohh

(backwards rapping)
What do you actually do, you make music?

(dogs barking)
Be quiet

Im a medical beakthrough
A lab for only one night to take you on a fatefall pony ride
Slide a silky white slice of party caked into your viewborn dueer
Thered be a little silver tomahawk on my left ear
If it was pierced
Fierce the way this witchhunts bogging me down
The doctor found a mole on my neck
told me its a supplementary teet for demons to feed from
They rehydrated all my shrunken heads and left a new one
Soccer moms driving SUV's
Trading recipes
Some contracting STD's
From landscapers in wet soaked T's
While the kids swing from Michelin tires
Hung from old oaks trees
Whisteling top forty pop tunes about birds and bees
Troubled teens with overbites
Moonlight has made men in Taco Bell parking lots picking fights
Better not snap my suspenders
As Greg goes stacking shoulder chips
Id say Im older than the maximum age to ride the teacups
But young enough for baby sitter clubs to jack their fees up.

Well what these guys are doing is um experimenting with with new beats and and textures and and these tits are yours.

Lyrics submitted by marff3

Intruder Excluder song meanings
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