You sold your soul for an ounce of attention
Gaining the world and demanding affection
Will you ever be pleased with your own skin?
Will you ever refuse what they're asking?

You can't hide your insecurities with a pretty face

Breed it, and bear it, and make it your narcotic
Begging face down on the floor
Breed it, and bear it, and make it your narcotic
You sold your soul, now they want more

Vanity's gun left you dead in Hollywood
Empty, addicted, and screaming for comfort
From a world devoid of compassion
Exchanging hopes for rejection

You can't hide your insecurities with a pretty face.

Breed it, and bear it, and make it your narcotic
Begging face down on the floor
Breed it, and bear it, and make it your narcotic
You sold your soul, now they want more

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    General CommentThis is such a great song: it sounds great, it means a lot, and it's Dead Poetic!

    So many people fall into the trap of thriving only on popularity and things of the world but in the end it won't fulfill their longing, which can only be filled by Jesus.
    theonethatison September 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI might be alone when I say this, but I definitely think that this song is a continuance of "Vanus Empty" off New Medicines, there are just too many similarities/matching ideas.

    For instance, in Vanus Empty there is a line referencing vanity, as there is in the song Narcotic. (This is just my take on it but..) I believe Vanus Empty was about a girl caught underneath the pressures of society, and vanity, being pushed to appear beautiful and graceful in today's world, but she couldn't cope so that would lead to her eventual suicide. Especially because of one of the last lines of that song "So Vanity's got this new gun that she wants to try on you. And as we stand here waiting for the sound.." Once again about the pressure being pushed onto her, and they waited for her to break, hence the "gun" that she would use to end her life.

    And if you know what vanity means, then it makes perfect sense.

    As in "Narcotic", it's the "day after", after she has commit suicide. "You sold your soul for an ounce of attention" along with "Vanity's gun left you dead in Hollywood" are both great examples of this. Especially that part about being in Hollywood, right in the middle of spotlight, where all the beautiful people coincide.

    As for the song title "Narcotic", it's aptly titled. With the lines "Breed it, and bear it, and make it your narcotic" along with "You sold your soul, now they want more" and "Empty, addicted, and screaming for comfort" would leave the listener to assume that this girl made vanity, or looking good, her "Narcotic", or addiction. Trying desperately to keep up the act, this is her story.
    GlassInTheTreesxon October 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIs it "You can have your insecurities with a pretty face?" Or is it what's here?
    *worried face*
    knocloo27on November 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYou can't hide your insecurities with a pretty face.

    It very well could be Vanus Empty pt 2, it certainly makes sense. Or maybe Brandon just likes to use the same terms in all of his songs. Or maybe the moon will sprout wings and attack the earth. Just a theory
    theonethatison November 02, 2006   Link
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    General Commentmy opinion is that this song is about a living person. someone who "sold her/his soul" for the things the world can buy. I think it's more of a showing that person that what he or she spent all their time seeking was something empty, something that will not make them truly happy.
    "you can't hide your insecurities with a pretty face"...a pretty face doesn't remove the things that are hard for us.

    It's about a person who lives in this whole "perfect" society that gives nothing back "screaming for comfort from a world devoid of compassion".

    The whole narcotic aspect is more about finding oblivion from the pain and the ever increasing demands of the other people.
    angel101on December 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI like this song. Its hard not to.
    The reference of Hollywood may be an example of societal pressure to change youreslf to fit in.
    "you sold your soul for an ounce of attention"
    surfnuton March 22, 2007   Link
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    Song MeaningI agree with Glassinthetreesx, this has got to be "part 2" of Vanus Empty. Part of the reason I feel Dead Poetic has such an impact is the raw candor they have in presenting the harshest realities we face everyday. Vanity's new gun went off, and while one victim is dead, it's not enough, "Hollywood/The World" is never satiated. The personification of Vanity shows a person that is addicted to the endless pursuit of empty ambitions and trying to "fit in" and will stop at nothing to continue to run in that circle, regardless of how many get hurt along the way. I think it's interesting, and maybe un-related, that the next song on the album is "In Coma". I feel they are trying to say the only defense we have to this backstabbing "Hollywood/Vanity" addiction which leaves so many people irreparably damaged is to stay dead to the world. Reminds me of the verse "Be in the world, but not of the world".
    trwoodburnon June 04, 2010   Link

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