Oh my god
What's going on?
Oh no
Oh why did I try to take that whole quarter pound of fire blue phelocide?
And now I've been trippin for about 96 hours
I devourd the whole bag
And I feel I'm bout to gag into the porcelain goddess
Honestly my eyes are swollen red just took 4 gallons of o.j. to the head.
Now I'm mo' than half dead
Mo' like whole dead undead, walking zombie banshee, antsie from all these vile tick and twitches, whises of new visuals individuals like streams to stop they crusin all these creams and bluesen mobs and wabas lime green
I've seen less strange things in screen kaleidoscope
I've tried to cope with the trips but it makes it just makes it worse, cause if you try to concentrate you invision yourself up in a hurst, or even worse insects crawling in sworms, it's a riot, the cellings melting at the hyette, why don't you try it?

Why don't you try it?

I tooke the advice, gobbled heads and stems swallowed vitamine C enriched grape fruit liquid just to clense my flem it's been half an hour sense I ate them, I still can't lose the after taste from the blumas telling me why did I take them, my man told me I would dig em, asked me to roll with them, I did them now I'm a victim stomache's getting sick from the tightness Ahhhhit like a vicegrip ahhhh why do you like this somebody turn on the light swtich ahhhh how'd you talk Slug into fucking with this drug? Shit stuck between my teeth, and I'm breaking nuts anticipating big buzz and then the hot flash hit like the sun, honestly I want it to be done, my man promised me it would be fun, did I eat to many, did I jump in too fast? How longs this shit last? Everyone take off your mask, I've lost my grasp I don't mean to eat and run on the 16th pound but fuck that I'm out of here bearfoot, january, late street, east bound

Why don't you try it?

Using our 20th century uhhh concepts we would say he was eaither demented or schizophrenic.
Uhh he has clearly the sypmtoms of a delerious state.
Uhh theres a great disturbence over affect including fear and rage
He has intermate infers of being incoherient and irrational, he hallucinates uhh he has losen intervels.
He misidentifies people around him he even has moments of being uncertine about himself.
And as his charictoristics of a delirium uhh it's accociated with fever he lappses then into a deep sleep, in which he recovers in apprent return in irrational faculties.

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Flying Colors In My Mushrooms song meanings
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    General Commentamazing song.
    i love shrooms.
    but this is deff about a bad trip.
    kaytee420on October 25, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"but fuck that I'm out of here barefoot, January, lake street, east bound "

    Clean ass line.
    Treetherson March 29, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti think not only is this song about a bad trip but its about giving in to something because ultimately thats what your doing when you do drugs and so i think slug might have given himself to something or some one and it turned out badly hence the bad trip.
    cheneaon February 12, 2010   Link

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